Saturday 25 November 2017

Style Notes: Cheryl's textured wave

Cheryl Cole. Photo: Getty Images
Cheryl Cole. Photo: Getty Images
Cheryl Cole has retained her crown as the world's best-dressed celebrity

Sinead Van Kampen

Textured curls are a big look at the moment and according to celebrity stylists like Nicola Dooley, a laid-back approach is just as useful as a good set of GHDs in achieving this less than perfect style.

Nicola, whose regular clients include the likes of Karen Koster and Colette Fitzpatrick, tells us the best way to get the look is to pump up the volume.

"After washing your hair with some volumising shampoo, remove excess water by towel drying and add a small amount of mousse to your roots. This look is all about the bounce and the mouse will help you get the lift you need."

With so many celebrities being papped on a round the clock basis, the look is a perfect way to get from day to night without bad hair or having to keep a hairstylist in constant tow.

Recently spotted on the impeccably tangled tresses of celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Blake Lively, soft, textured sculpting is fast becoming a good way to look great but still manages to span the awkward bit between dry cleaning trips by day and bringing out the vamp for a night on the town.

For Nicola, the look is less bed-head and more come-to-bed-head and she advises not being too precious "Big, bouncy waves are perfect for those of you who need an alternative to sleeker styles because the watchword is low maintenance. If it's all too symmetrical, the wave becomes too glam so remember, a stray lock here and there really accentuates a tousled, wavy look." We can see why so many Irish celebrities are in good hands.

Nicola's styling tips to get the look:

Get to grips with some volumising shampoo and conditioner.

Towel dry and add a small amount of mousse to to your roots.

When it's time to blow dry, brush your hair from under the roots with a large round brush to give yourself plenty of volume.

Don't be afraid to vamp the look. Take small sections of hair and curl with a barrel curling iron or GHD.

Once you've curled your whole head, tilt the hair back and brush lightly with a soft brush to add more texture and backcomb the roots to add body.

Keep the hairspray handy for the odd spritz up.

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