Saturday 24 February 2018

Style: Dewy does it... for youthful skin

Beauty's most sought-after aesthetic, youthful skin, is just a few simple steps away with our guide to getting that glow

Actress Sienna Miller's dewy look at the golden globes
Actress Sienna Miller's dewy look at the golden globes

Andrea Byrne

Ah, that fresh, dewy, youthful, glow; we all want it, we've all tried to get it, but for most, our attempts have resulted in us looking like we've stuck our face in a deep-fat fryer or had an accident with a pot of glitter. But don't despair, we come to you with advice on how to master the art, from Ireland's master of make-up, Paula Callan.

"Dewy skin is something I get asked about on a daily basis and it's a look that I love to do. It's actually a new trend in the make-up world at the moment called 'strobing', although it's something that we have done for years, it's just now been given a new trendy name," says Paula.

Harsh contouring has taken a backseat for a while ('Hooray', I hear you cry), with beautiful candle-lit skin jumping into the driving seat, says Paula, who along with fellow make-up artist Derrick Carberry, has developed a range of professional make-up brushes - Callanberry.

To achieve a perfect dewy complexion, the kind that Sienna Miller was channelling so successfully at the Golden Globes, Paula insists that good skincare is the key and in fact, it's as important as the make-up you use.

Whether your skin is dry or oily, you really need to take the time to work on it before you apply any make-up. When you're finished your skin prep, the desired look is skin that radiates health but doesn't look too greasy.

Dos and Don'ts

● Press your chosen moisturiser into the skin. Don't rub.

● Use a skin primer that has a sheen.

● Avoid foundations that are too heavy or matte, instead opting for cream and liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers that boast a light to ­medium coverage.

● If you need concealer, opt for a light-reflecting one.

● Drinking loads of water will add a plumpness and brightness to the skin.

● Powder the centre of your face. Without it, your make-up won't stay in place.

● Highlight by applying an oval shape of product on the cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid's bow.

● Cream highlighters look great on people with drier skin, whereas ­powder highlighters work better on oilier skin types. It's easier to control the level of highlight with powder highlighters.

● Your whole face shouldn't be dewy, just the areas that naturally catch the light. Remember, there's a big difference between dewy and shiny!

● Make sure your highlighter is ­shimmery, NOT ­glittery.

Top tip

Face mists are great for reawakening existing make-up and for keeping your skin looking dewy and hydrated through the day.

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