Wednesday 21 March 2018

Slimming Treatment: The Universal Contour Wrap

The Universal Contour Wrap
The Universal Contour Wrap

Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Extreme Beauty investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week, after hearing we could be slim and svelte without the need for a diet we headed off to sample a treatment called Universal Contour Wrapping.

What is it?

A slimming treatment which uses heat, elasticated bandages and mineral compression to slim the figure with measurable results!

You sound like the brochure, expand ...

Well, using a cunning mixture of heat and clay, the treatment works to flush the body of toxins and help water retention with the end result being a slimmer you. Although different people achieve different results across the body, anything between six and 14 inches can be expected from a two-hour session.

What's the procedure?

After being measured from head to toe I was mummified with clay-dipped bandages. Once the therapist had kindly checked I could still breathe I was rolled into a bed with an electric blanket wearing a foil-lined sweatsuit. The heat was switched on and I was left to bake the weight off for an hour or so. Once I had sweated out the bad stuff, the bandages were removed and the measuring tape confirmed I had lost nearly seven inches from doing nothing more than flipping through the pages of Social and Personal!

How does it feel?

Slightly restrictive but not as uncomfortable as you might imagine.

Despite the sweatsuit and the electric blanket my temperature was maintained at a surprisingly normal level and it didn't take long before I drifted into a slumber. Quite comfortable on reflection.

The benefits ... real or imagined?

Real....and quite frankly there is something very rewarding about discovering you've lost the best part of seven inches by sitting in bed.

Yes I had to be embalmed in black clay bandages, yes I was put on to bake for an hour and yes, I began the treatment with the indignity of a paunch in paper pants. However, compared to the spirit sapping misery of the average diet this one is a winner.

The downside?

If you are even slightly claustrophobic this won't be for you.

Essentially the treatment involves being wrapped to within an inch of your life so it can be a little restrictive. You'll also need to pop to the loo before the baking begins as finding yourself needing to go half way is uncomfortable to say the least. Once you've started the treatment there really is no way out!

Extreme rating?

Not very extreme and quite satisfying ... or so I thought. The treatment was a breeze and the inches came off but when you tell people what you've done the standard response is strangely hostile. As most people refuse to believe it's possible to slim the figure without eating cardboard, developing jogger's nipple or devising a calorie points system so complex that it would bemuse Stephen Hawkins, it's far wiser not to discuss the matter with even your most trusted confidantes.

How much does it cost?

The treatment is available at the Bellaza Beauty Salon in Ranelagh and costs €90. Call (01) 496 3484 to book.

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