Saturday 24 March 2018

Slimming Treatment: Mama Mio Boot Camp for Tummies

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images
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Sinead Van Kampen

Each fortnight Independent Woman investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week, after hearing we could be slim and svelte without the pain of endless stomach crunching, we headed off to sample a treatment called the Mama Mio Boot Camp for Tummies.

What is it?

Mama Mio Boot Camp for Tummies is a slimming treatment which aims to improve circulation, de-bloat, clarify and firm skin by using a combination of massage, exfoliation and toning creams.

What's the process?

The treatment begins with some relaxing reflexology which focuses on the pressure points around the stomach. A cleanse followed by an acid fruit exfoliation removes dead skin before a slimming cream is massaged into the tummy. Central to the treatment is the attention given to the colon, there are algae wraps, pressure massaging and slimming creams applied to reduce cellulite, fat deposits and bloating.

How does it work?

The colon massage helps break down fatty deposits while the slimming creams tighten the tum, reduce puffiness and minimise water retention and bloating. The end result aims to speed up lipolysis, the process by which your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells.

Who's it for?

Mama Mio Boot Camp for Tummies is ideal if you're looking to give the diet a bit of a helping hand or for mums looking for a post pregnancy tummy tuck.

How long does it take?

At just over an hour, this is quite an intensive workout considering the target area for the treatment.

Who loves it?

Mama Mio has something of a devout celebrity following. Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and Christy Turlington are all said to be fans!

Why you should...

As slimming treatments go this one is quite relaxing. Reflexology and massage make up the majority of the treatment which means you'll leave feeling as light in spirit as you are in waistline. As I was out on the town the night before my therapist really had her work cut out for her when it came to reducing the bloat, though I'm happy to say I emerged feeling a lot less rotund then when I'd entered.

Why you shouldn't ...

All in all the treatment is quite gentle and a course of six treatments are recommended if significant results are to be seen. If, like me, you've had a heavy few days on the food and drink and need to be wedged into your dress, one treatment should be more then enough to beat the bloat. As this is a slimming treatment rather than a diet it's best to really manage those expectations. It does work for a size or two but don't expect to loose those inches on the creams alone!

How much is it?

Mama Mio Boot Camp for Tummies is €90 for a one hour treatment and is available at The Buff Day Spa, South Kings Street Dublin 2. Call 01 677 4624 to book.

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