Friday 22 November 2019

Sinead Kennedy, TV Presenter

Crystal Clear Skincare, from €26, available from

I was introduced to this brand by a friend who is a great ad for the stuff as her skin is constantly glowing. I'd been looking to try something new because my skin has been uncharacteristically breaking out over the last few months. I find their products incredible, in particular the Oxygen Face Polish, the Skin Repair Serum and the Revitalising Tonic.

Lipstick in the shade 'Darkside', €19.50, MAC, available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores nationwide

It's a really rich plum/burgundy colour and it makes for a nice change from a predictable red during the winter. I'd wear it every day only I'm not brave enough. I feel like it's a bit too much of a statement for every day around the office but that's just me.

Black Orchid, €94 (50ml), Tom Ford, available in Brown Thomas and House of Fraser

I can't get enough of this! I bought it for my hubby as part of his wedding day pressie and I can't help stealing a spritz here and there. I've always preferred the smell of men's aftershaves and deodorants - strange, I know. I think I may have to invest in this for myself when we hit duty-free en route to our honeymoon because his will be gone in no time! It's pricey but the scent lingers all day.

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