Sunday 19 January 2020

Silver lining: Product picks from Triona McCarthy

Beauty columnist Triona McCarthy is now now as Mother Triona. Photo: Dave Conachy
Beauty columnist Triona McCarthy is now now as Mother Triona. Photo: Dave Conachy
Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Sumptuous Gold
Expectant mum Marion Cotillard
Eye Treatment from Dr Murad
False Lash Effect Epic Mascara
SmashBox Be Legendary Lipstick in magenta
Chanel No5, L'Eau

Triona McCarthy

Formerly known as Party McCarthy, our beauty columnist, now known as Mother Triona, has all the best beauty tricks and product picks to keep you looking and feeling good.

Triona's trends

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Sumptuous Gold

This is the year I'm going to be 'all set' for Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas. Take a deep breath and let's focus on getting ready, steady go for the glitz and glamour of the party season, which seems to start earlier and earlier!

I asked Max Factor International Make-Up Artist Lyndsey Cavanagh to give me a classic smoky eye for my photo, above, this week, something I am always being asked how to do for the party season.

Lyndsey, told me that when it comes to a 'statement eye', as it's being called this season, greys, browns, metallics and black suits everyone, so get them all in one easy-to-use palette like Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Sumptuous Gold, above, €12.99, which is what Lyndsey used on me.

The colours in the palette are useful to layer, line, smudge, shade and contour for endless combinations and looks.

"The dark eyeshadow can be used as eyeliner by using an angled brush," Lyndsey says. "Wet it and dip it in the dark eyeshadow, then wriggle the brush into your lash line, paying special attention to the space between the lashes. Then, use the colour just above your lash line."

Lyndsey also used False Lash Effect Epic Mascara, below, €16.99, and it literally does exactly as it says on the tube (I'm also holding it in my photo, above). It gave me thick, dark lashes, which looked just like falsies, and it has a unique brush that captures every little teeny-weeny lash!

False Lash Effect Epic Mascara

Triona's trick

My hair and I hadn't been getting on so well lately, and it looked lifeless. So I tried an apple cider vinegar rinse, as this helps remove built-up residue that can deplete hair volume. Mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, wet your hair and apply the mixture. Massage it into the scalp,leave it for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Eye know how

Eye Treatment from Dr Murad

Wouldn't it be great if your eyes could take photos, and you could file them away in your head, and then look through them at night when you were trying to go to sleep?

I'm sure in these times of technological change, that won't seem so outrageous in, say, 20 years' time, or else when I'll be nearly 96, which is what I feel I look like at the mo, as I've a house full of sick people!

I decided to try the new Eye Treatment from Dr Murad, above, €59.50, this morning, before going on TV, as it's a very fast-working treatment that claims to instantly improve fine lines and plump and hydrate for smoother, firmer, younger-looking eyes. Unlike many other eye masks, you apply the product directly to the skin. You then cover it with the eye masks, and remove them after 10 minutes for instant results!

Well, it certainly did the trick for me, and it's now in my emergency bag - which I'll probably also be dipping into a lot in the run-up to Kissmas!

Mum's the word

Expectant mum Marion Cotillard

I recently got to hang out with Sophie White, my fellow LIFE columnist and author of the must-read Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown, at an event she had to promote her brilliant new book, which is a memoir-cookbook hybrid.

We were discussing mortifying moments of motherhood, and it was like a competition to see who had the most embarrassing episode.

Let's just say I put the 'ass' into embarrassing!

If you are an expectant mum like Marion Cotillard, above, then you might like to try the spa at Killashee Hotel's mum-to-be indulgence package, €210. It's three hours of pampering, including a massage, facial, mini mani and pedi, and a light lunch. See

Triona's most wanted

SmashBox Be Legendary Lipstick in magenta

Some people go to museums or galleries, I go to department stores to appreciate art and design! When you think about it, stores like Arnotts and Brown Thomas are like the greatest free art shows in Dublin!

I can often be found taking in all the displays and installations, and then there's the people-watching.

I also love a good seat in a department-store cafe, so I can watch the stylish shoppers go by, swinging bags and smartphones and snapping and Instagramming it all.

It was while mooching around the beauty department in Arnotts recently that I came across the wall of SmashBox Be Legendary Lipsticks, €23. Yes, a wall! There are 120 lipsticks in the collection, and again, yes, you read that correctly: 120!

It's like an art installation looking at them all, tempting me!

Apparently, the Smashbox MUAs in their LA studio were constantly blending colours to achieve lipstick nirvana, so now they have 46 smooth matte lipsticks and 74 moisturising lipsticks to choose from, in lip colours you would never knew you needed - from nudes to neutrals, pretty pinks to racy reds, and bold berry tones and browns. I adore the Magenta shade, above.

The original Be Legendary shades are still in there, along with all their new friends, to party with.

Cult product

Chanel No5, L'Eau

Imagine Chanel No5 is still the best-selling fragrance in the world, nearly a century after its creation, with a bottle selling every minute of every day around the world.

It's the only fragrance my mum, Margaret, wears.

Now it gets a new twist with Chanel No5, L'Eau, above, from €89.

This is a lighter, more citrusy scent than the original. The millennial gals love it, so it will go straight to the top of their chic list.

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