Tuesday 24 April 2018

Save our Soles: Tips for summer feet

Library image. Photo: Getty Images
Library image. Photo: Getty Images

Sinead Van Kampen

Sun, sea and sand are great for relaxed summer dressing, but baring those feet can leave them looking a little careworn, so we at Independent Woman have come up with a few pointers to revive those tired tootsies.


Bathing your feet in water for 10-15 minutes every other day for a couple of weeks will help keep feet soft and supple and a few drops of tea tree oil will ease the sores that slinky summer sandals and strapless slingbacks can cause. If your feet are really beginning to dry out, Epsom Salts will also keep the sandal smells at bay.


Using a granulated scrub once a week or a pumice stone in the shower as needed is one of the best ways to keep dry skin at bay. Try Lush's Stepping Stone pumice which combines seasalt with jojoba oil to moisturise and sooth. If that sounds like too much shopping for sore heels the kitchen cupboard may have the answer. A few drops of olive oil mixed with some sea salt makes for a great homemade alternative.


Walking in our bare feet and wearing backless sandals can cause damage to the soles and in the summer months this can make feet look weathered and worn in no time. Try a treatment like Sally Hansen's Cracked Heel Repair Crème or Scholl's Cracked Heel Repair Cream both of which are great products for clearing up the rough patches and healing the bumps and blisters.


Keeping feet hydrated is especially important during warmer weather, so try using an intensive foot cream like Boots Fresh Smooth Soles Moisturising Foot Lotion. A few dabs morning and night will revive lifeless feet although if you need something more intensive a sock treatment like Body Shop Thirsty Feet is a great alternative for overnight repairs.

Get a professional

There are just some places our own fair hands can't reach so a professional pedi can go along way. Mink hand and foot spa in Ballsbridge offer a range conditioning treatments and gently exfoliatiors to cure dehydrated feet. Try the green tea and eucalyptus pedi which combines a green tea foot bath and eucalyptus foot scrub with a deeply moisturising paraffin dip. A quick buff and a finish with the French polish will soon have the spring back in your step.

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