Sunday 19 November 2017

Save our skin - the brilliant products you need

Anti-wrinkle: Triona McCarthy with Oil of Olay. Photo: Gerry Mooney.
Anti-wrinkle: Triona McCarthy with Oil of Olay. Photo: Gerry Mooney.
Ziaja Goat's Milk Creamy Shower Soap
Kinvara Rosehip Face Serum.
Mac Velvetease Lip Pencils.
Irish model Thalia Heffernan
Pestle and Mortar Hydrate.
Sleep Phones Wireless from Boots.

Triona McCarthy

Rusty rings, smelly things, lipsticks and hair flicks - when it comes to beauty, our beauty buff has 'goat' you covered!

Triona's trends

When it comes to great skin, you don't need loads of products, just a few brilliant ones.

The more high-tech your products, the more chemicals they contain, so these days, skin is often overloaded with chemicals from products and now, sadly, toxins from our environment, leading to a huge increase in sensitive skin.

According to research by Olay, around 50pc of women identify their skin as being sensitive, and half of these don't use anti-ageing skincare as they want to avoid sensitive skin 'break-outs'. So they designed Olay Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive, €13.79, see my photo. It's specifically for sensitive skin, helping to maintain and strengthen the skin's moisture barrier as well as reducing skin sensitivity.

Kinvara Rosehip Face Serum.

Kinvara Skincare, see, has a capsule collection of just three essential products that cleanse, moisturise and transform your skin gently, naturally and effectively. Simply cleanse with Absolute Cleansing Oil, €19.95; follow with 24HR Rosehip Face Serum, above, €29.95; then lock in moisture with Active Rosehip Day Cream, €25.95.

Pestle & Mortar's new Hydrate moisturiser, below, €48, softens, repairs and firms the skin while hydrating deep beneath the dermis. The innovative jar design delivers just the right amount of moisturiser to your hand - so you're not tempted to overload your skin with too much product. See pestleand

I'm a grown-up now, so no rusty ring jokes, but don't you just hate how some cans can leave a rusty ring mark on the pristine white sink in your bathroom? Thankfully, the Domestic GodHelpUs is here to help us! Eh, that's me, by the way. Anyhoo, simply brush some clear nail polish on the offending object and you won't have to worry about stains.

Pestle and Mortar Hydrate.

I goat this

Ziaja Goat's Milk Creamy Shower Soap

Friends of mine have a goat called, wait for it . . . Jean Paul Goatier! I'm, em, not kidding either!

I often joke that if he lost an ear, then we'd have to call him Van Goat, or if he lost his job, we'd call him Billy Idol, or if we brought him to the seaside, we'd call him Billy Ocean!

OK, I'll stop now, as I've just 'goat' to tell you about Ziaja Goat's Milk Creamy Shower Soap, above, €2.99. I absolutely love this stuff. Not only is it the perfect price for a product at this time of year, when you're a bit broke, but a little goes a long way, and then there's the fabulous skin-friendly formula, as well as the delicious fragrance.

It's a really nostalgic smell, like something my granny used. Basically, it smells way more expensive than it is. The formula is pH balanced, so it soothes irritated skin, cleanses without stripping, and leaves nothing behind but lustrous skin.


Queen Bee

Irish model Thalia Heffernan

Calling all the tressed-to-impress gals, such as gorgeous Irish model Thalia Heffernan, above.

I have a new hair salon, and you absolutely need to know about it . . .

Regular readers will know how I go to the lovely Lorraine Carthy in Queen on Aungier Street to have my colour done, so I'm delighted to announce Queen has recently opened Queen South in Stillorgan, south Dublin.

The luxurious new salon is the fourth in the Queen stable, the flagship salon, Queen, on Aungier Street; and also two salons in Tipperary.

So whether it's a colour, cut, or blow-dry you're after - make sure to check it out soon!

Queen South, The Hill, Stillorgan, tel: (01) 685-4266 or see

Triona's most wanted

Sleep Phones Wireless from Boots.

There's no rest for the 'with kid' like myself!

I'm totally obsessed with sleep. Every beauty and health expert I speak to goes on and on about the benefits of a good night's sleep, but with a one-year-old sharing our bedroom, and, down the hall, her brother who likes to wake us up at silly o'clock every morning, I'm only averaging about five hours a night, on a good night.

I'm always trying to get an early night, especially since I got these genius Sleep Phones Wireless, above, €89.99, from Boots.

Will, my other bedroom partner, thinks these headphones-in-a-headband are like PJs for ears, as I wear them in bed to listen to podcasts like Serial.

They are so comfy to wear, you can drift off without taking them off, and there are no fiddly bits to deal with.

They are also very handy if you have noisy neighbours or a snoring partner that keep you awake at night, as they drown out all that noise.

Designed by a family doctor to help people fall asleep faster and then stay asleep, these Bluetooth stereo headphones, hidden inside a soft, stretchy headband, pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

They also actually work really well as a sleep mask too, as I wear them over my eyes. Will's a lucky man, isn't he - the cut of me lying next to him!


Cult product

Mac Velvetease Lip Pencils.

I adore anything quick and easy to use, so right now I'm McLovin the Mac Velvetease Lip Pencils, €18, as they provide the intense colour of a lipstick with the ease of a pencil, with no sharpener needed, as you simply twist them up.

This Mac range comes in lots of bold shades in plums and classic reds, and also some nudes.

The shade Aim to Please, right, is my version of a nude, as it's the exact same colour as my lips, only better.

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