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Wednesday 15 August 2018

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Top tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny and fabulous

Aveda Pramasana Scalp Care Range
Aveda Pramasana Scalp Care Range
Bounce with Fabreeze Dryer Sheets
IGK Swipe Up No Frizz Smoothing Hair Wipes
Katie Jane Goldin
L'Oreal Elvive Phytoclear Anti Dandruff Range
Nexxus Youth Renewal Mask
White Hot Brilliant Shampoo

Our hair needs a lot of extra TLC if we want to keep it looking beautiful over the years.

Why? Over time, hair fibres become thinner and begin to drop out, pigment cells stop producing colour, our hormones that help stimulate follicle fibres diminish, and we lose lipids. But do not despair - with a little effort and investment in your hair products and techniques, you can keep your hair looking healthy. Some of the best tips I've picked up are brushing your hair when it's dry before shampooing to reduce breakage, using warm but not hot water when washing hair to reduce damage and a cold rinse after conditioning, using boar bristle brushes to eliminate hair snapping, using a silk pillowcase to stop the frizz, washing hair less and using a sulphate-free shampoo. I've listed some of the major issues we have with our hair and how to combat them, to ensure your manes remain shiny and glistening for many years to come.


IGK Swipe Up No Frizz Smoothing Hair Wipes

Banish frizzy, fuzzy looking hair with these dinky little wipes for our hair. From Sephora (use An Post's Address Pal for delivery)


Bounce with Fabreeze Dryer Sheets

A slightly less fancy but effective option is Katie Jane Goldin's trick of the trade - run a clean tumble dryer sheet down hair to eliminate fuzz, frizz and static. From supermarkets nationwide


Hair issues & solutions

Grey/ White Hair Care

If you choose to let your hair go grey or white naturally like the gorgeous Olivia Tracey and opt not to colour it, here are some great ways to keep it silky-looking and eliminate any ‘yellow’ tones…

• Always use a good conditioner. Since your hair has lost lipids, it’s likely to become dull and wiry. The solution? Using a conditioner for mature hair.

• Conditioners work as a crutch to strengthen our hair, providing more volume per fibre and alter the electrostatic charge so that fibres stand apart from one another and your hair appears fuller.

• Protect grey/white hair by using a protection spray every time you use heat styling tools, and when you can, let your hair dry naturally.

• Use a haircare line specifically made for grey/white mature hair.

White Hot Brilliant Shampoo

• Try White Hot Brilliant Shampoo, €15.50, to lighten up white and grey hair. Use once or twice a week or when your grey or white hair needs a super-charged boost of brightness. This banishes dull and yellowy tones. From selected pharmacies and Boots nationwide.


Ageing Hair

• Talk to your doctor about how any of your medications could affect your hair, and ask for advice on how to help counteract negative effects.  Some drugs for certain conditions like cardiac disease or lipid-lowering medications can cause shedding of fine hair fibres. Also, sometimes when women stop HRT, they should expect some hair loss.

• Dryness is a common problem with ageing hair as our scalps stop producing as much oil.

• Breakages occur because our hair becomes weaker as it ages.

• Use a hair care line specifically formulated for mature hair — try Nexxus Youth Renewal Range for Fine Hair from €12.99.

• Use a mask at least once a week, and a serum once a day (on wet or dry hair). Try the Nexxus Youth Renewal Mask, €25.99 and Elixir, €25.99 from Boots nationwide



• Frizz is mostly caused by a lack of moisture in our hair but humidity can also contribute to it. It occurs when hair loses moisture throughout the day, so the cuticle (the outermost layer on your strands) opens up and lets the outside air in, creating a frizzy head of hair.

• To combat frizzy hair, wash less frequently. Let your hair dry 90pc of the way before you blow-dry, as too much hot air directly on our strands dehydrate it.

• Choose a sulphate-free, glycerin-packed shampoo.

• Use a mask once a week.

• Use a dry oil on hair daily.

•  Use a silk pillowcase. (I promise — this works!)

• Use a hair oil/serum. Try Xpertise Argan Oil Hair Treatment, €17.99 from pharmacies and Boots.



• pH balance of your scalp has to be correct — if scalp is either too oily or too dry it can cause dandruff.

• Dandruff can occur at any age.

• Up your internal oil intake — try Udo’s Oil

• Use a scalp lotion/exfoliator.

• Eliminate product build-up — thoroughly rinse hair out when washing, and brush hair gently in the shower after shampooing.

•Dry hair thoroughly before bed so no fungus grows on scalp and presents itself as flakes.

L'Oreal Elvive Phytoclear Anti Dandruff Range

• Use a dandruff-specific hair care range — try L’Oreal Elvive Phytoclear Anti Dandruff Range from €4.30 from pharmacies and outlets nationwide (its 7 Day Scalp Lotion, €12.99, is brilliant.)


Whether you’re blonde, brunette or redhead, coloured hair always requires extra care to keep it looking vibrant and fresh. Follow these top tips from Elaine Farrelly at Hession Hairdressing to get the most out of your colour.



1. When colouring hair blonde, always have it done professionally in a salon.

2. Deep condition often. Use a deep conditioning treatment at least weekly to keep your hair hydrated.

3. Invest in a purple shampoo to prevent your hair colour from turning brassy which often happens with other shampoos that aren’t specifically formulated for blonde hair.

4. Get regular trims — blonde hair is more prone to breakage so you need to look after it.



1. Use professional products to maintain your hair, and trim hair regularly.

We recommend Kevin.Murphy products and the Kerastase range.

2. When colouring your hair, choosing a shade of brown that will suit your skin tone is the most important factor. Establish with your colourist whether to opt for a cool-toned brown or a warm brown. Adding some highlights and lowlights underneath the hair will give it texture and multi-tonal colour to soften your all-over brunette colour.



1. This hair colour can be tricky to get right so have a professional in a salon do it for you.

2. Wash your hair with sulphate-free, colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and rinse your hair with cool water to protect your hair from heat damage and add extra shine.

3. Use thermal protectant when heat styling your hair. This will dramatically reduce brittle and split-ends. 

4. Avoid the sun when possible — it’s always best to wear a hat in sunny weather and consider using a UV protectant spray for your hair.

5. Have a colour refresh service done in salon in between your root touch-ups to keep your colour looking vibrant.

For more see


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Katie Jane Goldin is a hair care insider with years of experience in hair styling. She is MD of LanaiBLO Hairdryers. She shares her tips on keeping hair in tiptop shape.

Katie Jane Goldin

What is your advice for people looking to update their hairstyle and colour?

Think about what you are comfortable with before you make the change. Look at pictures and styles that you might like and talk with your stylist about what would suit you. Extensions can be a great way to try a new colour without actually dying you hair. You can add 10-20 extensions in a different shade to add some colour and texture and see what you think before you dye your own.

What is your top tip for minding our hair at home?

Using good quality products is key to keeping your hair in good condition. Use sulphate- and paraben-free shampoo and heat protector sprays if you are using any heated tools. If you have extensions, tie your hair in a low pony when sleeping to avoid tangles. Never use tight elastic hair ties as these can break and damage your hair.

What is your advice to Those who are looking to change their hair colour to something more youthful?

Speak to your stylist about what suits your complexion and appearance. They will guide you in the right direction. Ash blonde is still very on-trend this season, as is balayage (once it's done correctly) so have fun, be playful with your hair when it comes to changing things up. But always go to the salon to have a colour change.

What can people with thinning hair do to make their hair healthier and thicker-looking?

There are some great products out there now for thinning hair that give great results. Two that I would recommend are Nioxin and L'Oreal's Serioxyl. Extensions are also a great way to add volume to your hair. People used to think extensions were just for length, but 60pc of Gold Fever clients get extensions for volume in the shorter lengths.

What is a really easy hair look we can achieve at home?

The undone hunbun is a favourite of mine. It's super easy to achieve. Start by using the new InStyler Cerasilk to add a loose wave to your hair. Pull your hair back into a messy high pony leaving out plenty of tendrils around the front of your face. Pull the pony to add texture! Then backcomb the pony and twist around into a messy textured hunbun securing with bobby pins! Eh, voila!

What is your favourite trick of the trade?

This is something that I've been using recently to combat static, after wearing a winter hat for example: run a clean dryer sheet over your hair, and hey presto! Goodbye static (See Cheat vs Treat, above).

What is your favourite tool of the trade?

It has to be the LanaiBLO hairdryer. I know I'm biased, because I created the brand… but its super powerful 2400w means you can dry your hair faster at home, it's light so it won't give you an arm ache, it's got an extra long lead, and it's made from Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmauline components which help fight frizz and give and anti-static and a shiny finish… and you can have it personalised.

What is the most common mistake women make with their hair?

Everyone should get their hair cut every six-to-eight weeks - just a trim to keep it in shape. Every style should have a shape and forgetting to pop back to your stylist is a big no-no.

Who is your own hairstyle crush?

I adore Arielle Noa Charnas, @something navy. Her hair is always en point. She has that undone look, yet it's classic.; @lanaiofficial

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