Tuesday 25 September 2018

Ruth Griffin: Drink yourself beautiful

Nourish your skin from within with the latest trend for 'drinkable skincare'

Beauty expert Ruth Griffin. Photo: Naomi Gaffey.
Beauty expert Ruth Griffin. Photo: Naomi Gaffey.
Nua Naturals
Fountain Phyto-collagen molecule
Perricone MD Super Greens
The Beauty Chef Skin Savior Set
Bodism Beauty Food
The Nue

Ruth Griffin

The explosion of interest in a holistic, all-over approach to our health has resulted in wellness and beauty becoming intertwined. Is beauty really more than skin deep? Yes!

Great skin, a healthy mane of hair, clear eyes and overall vitality have their building blocks in what we nourish our bodies with. As the Irish mammy's saying goes: "You are what you eat." When we break this down further, and incorporate multiple recent nutritional studies (in particular regarding probiotics), we find that, essentially, 'beauty comes from the belly'.

It's this thinking that has led to a proliferation of nutricosmetics - or, put more simply, 'drinkable skincare'. Comprising supplements, powders, capsules and tinctures, drinkable skincare has been developed with specific beauty benefits in mind: think biotin for hair growth, super greens, collagen and omega oils for skin suppleness, and probiotics for gut health. It's clearly proving a massive hit with people, as the drinkable skincare industry is set to be worth $7.4 billion by 2020.

It's heartening to see boosting powders and naturally-derived skin supplements being stocked alongside the usual moisturisers, masks and serums on our beauty aisles - there is no amount of expensive, scientific-sounding ingredients that will mask a bad diet.

The most recent trend sees people moving away from supplements in capsule form, and towards powders and liquids which may be better absorbed. My advice is to opt, as much as possible, for natural and/or organic drinkable skincare options that are fruit-, vegetable-, herb- and oil-based. Give it at least six weeks to see a difference.

Remember: Always consult your GP before taking supplements.


Best organic

The Beauty Chef Skin Savior Set

From the pioneer of beauty powders, Carla Oates, this should be blended as a shake. It contains a mix of certified organic ingredients, including a cocktail of vitamin-rich, probiotic 'super foods' that promote better gut health. Her Collagen option claims to boost the skin's elasticity and support network, without the need for Botox or fillers. The Beauty Chef Skin Savior Set, €63.50, beautifulbecause.com


Best oil


Nutritional experts have long known that a diet rich in omega oils is vital if you want soft, supple and glowing skin. This organic oil contains 100pc active ingredients that are derived from cold pressing a number of Omega-rich seeds, and provides an excellent source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Viridian Clear Skin Oil, €23.80 for 200ml, from health food stores nationwide.


Best hair helper

Bodism Beauty Food

This is a powdered dose of greens, antioxidants and marine collagen peptides designed to help fight ageing, reduce lines and wrinkles, and assist the deep repair of damaged skin. It also has horsetail extract which is amazing for hair growth. It can be mixed with water, or added into a shake or your favourite yoghurt. Bodyism Beauty Food, €65 for 150g, rainforest.ie


Best prebiotic

The Nue

Pre- and probiotic ingredients are increasingly being shown to be essential to proper digestion, good skin, and mental and overall health. Give your gut a boost with this mix of brown rice protein, fruit powders and inulin (a prebiotic fibre) in this 100pc food-based powder, which is easily absorbed by the body and aims to get skin glowing. The Nue Co Skin Food and Pre Biotic, €62, cultbeauty.co.uk


Best collagen booster

Fountain Phyto-collagen molecule

With 5,000mg of hydrolysed collagen per serving, this drinkable supplement aims to help to maintain collagen levels and counteract the natural decline that happens as we age. Take two teaspoons a day, either on its own or in a juice or smoothie. A good option for mature skin.

Fountain Phyto-Collagen Molecule, €45, from pharmacies, Boots nationwide and cultbeauty.co.uk

Best value

Nua Naturals

This 100pc organic Irish brand is a homegrown hero. The powdered supplement is jam-packed with health- and skin-boosting goodies like kale, rosehip, broccoli and beetroot, and it comes at a brilliant, easily affordable price point. It can be made into a smoothie/shake or dusted over food.

Nua Naturals Smoothie Booster Skin Glow, €13.95 for 150g, from health food stores, SuperValu and nuanaturals.com


Perricone MD Super Greens

Dr Perricone is a much-loved skincare line among beauty buffs who take their skin health seriously. This nutrient-dense vegetable powder (kale, spinach, wheat grass), with probiotics, is designed to nourish the body and skin. This also has added biotin — an ingredient brilliant for hair growth. The taste isn’t great, but benefits are super quick and well worth it. You’re recommended to dissolve the powder in 8 fluid ounces of water, but I use a lot less water and make a tiny green ‘shot’ out of it and then drink water after.

Perricone MD Super Greens, €76 for 30 sachets/165g, fetchbeauty.com

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