Tuesday 24 October 2017

Ruth Griffin: A brush with love

Refresh your look for date night and beyond

Photo: Campaign image from Michael Kors
Photo: Campaign image from Michael Kors
Catrice Ombre Two Tone Lip Tint
Instagram: @HollykateWhite
Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid in Peach
YSL YSL Volupte Tint in Balm
Yonka Micellar Water

Spring is in the air, which means Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I know many of you dread the sometimes forced aspect of the day itself, but I think there is something rather lovely about couples making time for just themselves and priotising their relationship and each other - even if it's just for one night.

Spring is also the perfect time to undo all of January's bad habits - let's face it, most of us just stayed indoors, stuffing our faces with the leftover chocolates. So why not use the start of a new month to try new make-up and hairstyles that didn't get a look in during January?

Whatever your plans are this season, whether you're going out with your partner or having a girls' night in, it's time to experiment!

Treat vs cheat

YSL Volupte Tint in Balm


YSL YSL Volupte Tint in Balm


Available in selected department stores nationwide


Catrice Ombre Two Tone Lip Tint

iw Catrice Omb.jpg
Catrice Ombre Two Tone Lip Tint


Available from pharmacies nationwide


Satin soft

● For satin soft skin, massage one of these Guinot MiniLift Eclat Beauty Instant Radiance Vials onto your skin before your normal moisturiser, and leave it soak in for at least 5 minutes before applying make-up. €18 for set of 2, selected salons nationwide

Fresh skin

● An overnight exfoliator peel with 4pc glycolic acid and Kombucha tea extract (known in Ancient China as the “tea of immortality”), this little gem will nibble away at dead and dying grey skin while you dream. Vichy Idealia peeling Activating Night Peeling Care, €30, from pharmacies nationwide

Dewy glow

● For dewy, glowy skin that makes you look like you’ve had an amazing night’s sleep, try Dior’s Dream Skin Advanced Next Generation Perfect Skin Creator, €139, department stores nationwide


Backstage beauty with Holly White

Instagram: @HollykateWhite

Stylist and lifestyle blogger Holly White is kept busy travelling around the country hosting fashion, beauty and healthy eating events for brands, as well as planning her wedding this May. Below, the TV beauty gives us a little peek into her routine. Holly.ie

What are your top 5 make-up hero products?

Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid in Peach

● Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid in Peach for under eye circles (above) ● Shiseido Liquid Eyeliner ● Flormar Bronzer ● Stila Mascara ● Make Up For Ever concealer in shade 1, diluted with Laura Mercier Radiance Primer used as a foundation. Make-up artist Paula Callan showed me that trick! I apply with one of my Blank Canvas Vegan Make-up brushes (No. F20) - which is a great foundation brush. It took me ages to find decent vegan brushes, and they're an Irish company too.

What is your normal skincare routine?

Yonka Micellar Water

I love Yonka skincare. I think once you reach your 30s you need dynamic, effective skincare and it's the best natural range I've ever used. I use their micellar water (above) to remove eye make-up, and I follow with the Lait cleanser and the lotion - which is like a toner that smells like decanted lavender. At night I might apply an overnight mask such as the Excellence Code. You sleep in them, which is so handy. I also use the M2Beauté lash serum at night. 

Any DIY manicure tips?

I'm a very late convert to Shellac and now I wouldn't bother paying for a standard polish. I love a French shellac or three-week manicure. Going for a natural look means regrowth is slow to show, so I try to stretch them to monthly. I've a few spots in Dublin that I go to: Callan & Co, Polish, or The Shelbourne, where they are really meticulous, which I adore. I like the Organic Surge Hand Cream, which smells of lavender, or else The Body Shop Hemp Cream, which comes in a great metal tube. 

What is the biggest beauty myth?

That it's only skin deep. I think beauty actually starts in your gut! I'm a huge believer in diet as a beauty secret. I have recently done a 12-week raw food mastery course learning all about fermentation, sprouting and juicing. I now make my own kombucha and coconut yoghurt and it definitely gives me a glow. 

What is the biggest mistake we make in our beauty regimes?

I think there's temptation to trust the wrong people or sources. I am aware that I have some level of influence and with that in mind I am paranoid about anything I would ever recommend. Quite simply it has to be superb. People need to shop around, and build their own judgement on things. There's a lot of temptation to believe that a liquid eyeliner might make you look like a model, which sadly isn't true, but good products and good technique will help, so it's all about getting informed and savvy. 

Who is your hair and make-up style icon?

At the moment I love Felicity Jones's styling. She looks angelic and so gorgeous. She's making me contemplate a fringe - having just grown mine out.

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