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Revealed: What time of day women are most beautiful


Happy morning

Happy morning

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Happy morning

Who knew Monday mornings were so glamorous?

Women look their best at 10:06am on a Monday morning, while looking their worst at 4:05pm on Thursday.

Females are reportedly keen to start their week off on the right beauty note, with 72% saying they feel their best at the start of the week when it comes to their beauty regime.

However, as the week goes on, women said to become more complacent with their wardrobes, according to the Premier Laser Clinic survey.

Only three per cent said they feel confident in their appearance on a Thursday as work related stresses take their toll throughout the week.

It's back to best efforts for the weekend though as women say they make more of an effort with their appearance on Saturday and Sunday.

As for what time of day we feel most confident - it appears a cup of coffee is key to kick starting confidence as 9am to 11am is reported as being the most beautiful. But it goes downhill from there as  just seven per cent of women say 11am to 2pm is their best.

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