Tuesday 23 January 2018

Raid your fridge to solve bad hair days

Actress Sienna Miller

Lisa Haynes

When a hair problem rears its head, the contents of the kitchen cupboard could provide a cheap and effective quick fix.

Sienna Miller is a style icon and beauty idol - and now she's also an unofficial ambassador for Heinz.

When the actress recently revealed that tomato ketchup was her beauty saviour, sales probably soared.

Known for her honey-blonde locks, Sienna recalled a hair dye disaster involving henna when she was going dark for a film role.

"It was the worst thing I could have done as it coats the follicles so that nothing else can penetrate. I ended up having to put ketchup in it for about a year to get rid of the green tinge," she told Marie Claire magazine.

Home remedies aren't a new celebrity fad. They've been used for centuries and, just like Sienna, you can raid the larder for some DIY hair rejuvenation and rescues.

"Sometimes our hair needs a bit of a boost and often, whilst luxury products will work and smell amazing, your quick fix could be sitting in the kitchen cupboard," says Jason Cocking, celebrity hairdresser.

So if your hair's crying out for some at-home TLC, head for the store cupboard and try some of these treatments:


The latest Argan oil-based potions can be pretty pricey but traditional olive oil is handy on your hair as well as on salads.

"Apply extra virgin olive oil as a pre-treatment," Cocking advises. "This can be used cold or heated to a relaxing warm temperature. Leave on for 20 minutes and then shampoo out. It may take a couple of washes but you'll certainly notice the difference."

If you have fine hair, an olive oil spray is a much lighter option for shinier, healthier tresses. Avoid any oil-based products if you have hair extensions as this may loosen the bonds.


You can banish those embarrassing flakes of dandruff on your shoulders with the help of this everyday condiment.

"Give your head a good exfoliation using sea salt," says Cocking. "This will get rid of all the dry flakes, whilst a good rinse afterwards with warm water and shampoo will make sure any residue is dissolved out."


Fragile and colour-treated hair is particularly tangle-prone. If knots are your nemesis, all you need is a product with a low pH, according to Cocking.

"To untangle tricky hair the best product to work its magic is white vinegar," he says. If the smell reminds you of fish and chips, try pink grape juice as an alternative.

Apply to your hair for 15 minutes and comb through with a wide comb, washing out well.


If you've got dark hair, salt and pepper roots are so noticeable. Strawberry blonde Nicole Kidman has regularly been spotted on the red carpet sporting grey roots, but the colour contrast is less obvious.

"If you have dark hair and struggle to cover your greys in between dyes or colourist appointments, try using charcoal" Cocking suggests. "Apply to dry hair, being careful to blend it in, and nobody will ever know."


For super-shiny hair, a pure protein remedy is the answer. "As a classic rescue remedy, apply mayonnaise straight from the fridge to penetrate your hair, or try whisking up an egg white mask," Cocking suggests. "Leave on your hair and wrap it up for about 20 minutes."

Wash out thoroughly with lukewarm water and your hair will look thoroughly nourished.


Pack an empty spray bottle in your beach bag if you're after the mermaid look.

Cocking advises: "Bottle up the seawater and spray into your roots, giving you instant volume. Alternatively, scrunch it into your curls to get that summer-ready beach look.

"If you hate the smell of salt water, add rose water or petals to the mix, making you look and smell heavenly."

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