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Nuala Woulfe, Owner, Nuala Woulfe Beauty Salon & Serenity Day Spa, Glasthule, Dublin.

Resveratrol B E, €140.00, Skinceuticals, available from selected salons and skinceuticals.co.uk

I love the texture of Resveratrol, also known as the anti-aging molecule. At night, as the body goes into repair mode, Skinceutical' Resveratrol helps neutralise damaging oxidative stress and improve the skin's natural healing process by boosting antioxidants.

Formula 2, €15.60, Nailtiques, available in selected salons nationwide

My nails have always been weak and over the years I've tried everything on the market to strengthen them. With his product, I've seen the results time and time again with clients. My own nails have also improved dramatically. You apply the treatment everyday and remove the layers at the end of the week and repeat the process again until you see your desired result - usually in 4 to 5 weeks.

Brow Powder, €23.95, Billion Dollar Brows, available in selected salons nationwide.

This brow powder lasts forever and gives a lovely natural colour. There are a variety of different shades to choose from so this ensures the powder will match your individual colouring. I also love how easy it is to use - simply use an angle brush to fill in and thicken your natural brow for best results.

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