Wednesday 13 December 2017

Need to know: Vampire Facelifts

Anna has admitted that she is a fan of the procedure which costs in the region of €740 per session.
Anna has admitted that she is a fan of the procedure which costs in the region of €740 per session.
The 36-year-old has the complexion of someone in their 20's.

The so-called Vampire Facelift is the latest beauty treatment causing a buzz..

And after seeing recent pictures of actress Anna Friel, it’s easy to see why.

She was papped in Soho in London recently, drinking with her boyfriend Rhys Ifans. She wasn’t dressed up, she didn’t appear to be wearing much make-up and she was also smoking. Yet despite all of this, the 36-year-old looked radiant. She has the skin of a woman in her twenties and she doesn’t have the unnatural look of someone who’s had some work done. It could of course be love – she has been dating Rhys for over a year since splitting from David Thewlis. But more likely it’s the result of the Vampire Facelift.

Anna has admitted that she is a fan of the procedure which costs in the region of €740 per session. Its proper name is platelet rich plasma therapy (PRT) and involves being injected with samples of your own blood, after it’s been run through a machine that separates out the platelets. These are then reinjected into the face to promote collagen, which makes skin plump and supple.

The advantages are that this is a non-invasive procedure, with no knives involved. It also doesn’t include foreign bodies and unlike Botox, won’t leave you with a frozen face or uneven eyebrows. Fans – and Dannii Minogue is another one – say that the skin takes on a youthful glow and that there is a significant reduction in those telltale lines around the mouth and eyes.

Not everyone agrees of course. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that while 40 per cent of people who got a Vampire Facelift saw the benefits, the remaining 60 did not. It’s also expensive – at least three treatments are recommended to get the full effects of the treatment, which brings the cost up to over €2,200.

For Anna Friel, who attends the doctor to the star, Dr Jean-Louse Sebagh, this is a much preferable cosmetic procedure route to go down, as opposed to Botox, because she needs to be able to move her face.

The practice hasn’t made it over here to Ireland in a significant way yet. The Otto Clinic, in Pery Square Limerick is one of the few places you can currently get it but there’s no doubt that increasing amounts of clinics will offer this procedure that seems to be effective, with minimal recovery time, natural and relatively painless, if you don’t mind getting your blood taken.

As Anna Friel summed it up: “It’s really scientific and natural but it makes a difference."

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