Tuesday 23 January 2018

My Make Up and Me: Sybil Mulcahy

TV3 presenter Sybil Mulcahy
TV3 presenter Sybil Mulcahy

Sinead Van Kampen

Sybil Mulcahy, TV3's The Morning Show presenter, shares a few make-up bag secrets with Independent Woman.

Morning routine?

If I'm on Ireland Am during the week then I usually put my foundation on in the car and let the make-up artist fix my eyes when I get in the door. If I have more time I usually spend about ten minutes at home putting on the works before leaving to film The Morning Show. In the afternoon it's back into hair and make-up where I usually take it all off and have it done again for the studio lights. I go through a lot of make-up.

First memories of make-up?

Probably applying it badly and having a strange orange look through my teenage years. I can't really remember playing with it too much as a child.

First product?

I would say the first product I bought was foundation as I have pretty pale skin which comes complete with lots of freckles. No doubt I was trying to cover them up with a strange shade of brown.

What's your top tip?

For make-up, it would always be to make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. There is nothing worse than seeing the wrong colour foundation layered onto someone's skin. Also the Bobby Brown make-up artists always tell me to put my concealer on first under my eyes, then you can see where your foundation is really needed.

Do you go out without make up...if so what are your rules and why is this the case?

Of course I go out without make-up - usually people say I look really tired and enquire after my general health but you can't wear it all the time! Since I have to wear it everday during the week, at the weekends I find my skin really needs the break.

In the bag and on the wish-list?

I have a huge amount in my bag and I also have to confess to owning two cases at home. Having worked on Xpose I came across a lot of products for the show - a lot of Trish McEvoy and Bobby Brown. The Trish McEvoy foundation I have kept with and Bobby Brown have amazing eye shadows. I'm also a big fan of primer, so much so I probably have a primer for every conceivable situation. Come to think of it, I probably have a highlighter, blusher and lip shade for every conceivable situation!

What's the most you've ever spent on a product and why did you buy it?

I spend a lot on MAC brushes. The Mac foundation brush is about 50 euro and I lose them all the time. I also spend a lot on face creams.

Do you tend to go for bargain buys or are you swayed by the adverts?

I am a sucker for adverts and, worse still, I'm super curious. If I see one of the girls in work with a product I like then there is a very good chance I'll buy it.

Where do you shop for a beauty fix?

Everywhere, the airport for MAC, House of Fraser for Bobby Brown, Brown Thomas for Trish McEvoy and to Boots for the fantastic Soap and Glory products which are like Benefit but a quarter of the price.

Is there a trend you would like to see come back in fashion?

Not really, I don't analyse make-up too much!

If you could snoop in anyones make-up bag, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Jennifer Aniston, she always manages to look amazing.

Can you tell us what product, secret or beauty tip that you couldn't live without?

Never sleep with your make-up on no matter how late you get home!

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