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Mother (53) and daughter (16) are beauty pageant queens on the same catwalk


Kind-hearted beauty queens Kasha Grimes and her daughter Misha could pass for sisters.

Aspiring model and actress Misha Grimes (16) was named second-runner up at the Miss Teen Galaxy pageant earlier this month, while her proud mother was selected as first runner-up at Mrs Galaxy.


Misha has been competing in beauty pageants since the tender age of 13, and her mother Kasha was recently inspired to follow in her footsteps.

“I entered my first competition on a whim – it was totally unplanned and I’ve been hooked ever since,” Misha told the Daily Mail. “I was competing against some girls that were five years older than me which was very daunting but they were all very supportive.”

Misha, who was previously a runner up in the Miss Teen Great Britain contest, maintains that her adoring mother (53) is her biggest fan.

“My mum has always been there for me and it’s amazing how often we get told that we look like sisters. We always get funny looks when we tell people we’re actually mum and daughter,” Misha revealed.


The blond teen added that she hopes she looks as good as her mum does when she gets older.

Kasha was inspired to enter the Mrs Galaxy contest to “change society’s perception of pageants”.

“They do so much good work that goes unnoticed. The whole experience has taught me how to be more graceful, confident and compassionate by allowing me to advance my personal and career goals whilst acting as a role model within the community,” she stated.

Kasha and Misha have raised more than €15,000 for charities and hospices over the last three years.


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Holiday rental business owner Kasha insists that the experience has managed to bring the family closer together than ever.

Kasha lives with her husband John, Misha and her 18-year-old daughter Anya.



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