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Joanna Kiernan

Joanna Kiernan

Rozanna Purcell, 19, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, student

What are your hobbies and interests?

Travel and politics are major interests of mine. Two years ago, I represented Ireland as an ambassador to Ecuador with the EIL [Experiment in International Living] programme. I also represented Ireland at the European Parliament in Brussels, as part of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Studying politics, I am also very interested in the Irish political situation. I like to keep fit, especially running and cycling. In 2008, I completed a charity cycle of the Tain Trail, in Co Louth, covering 100km per day for five days. Recently, I completed the Women's Mini Marathon for St Clare's Primary School.

Why should you be Miss Universe?

The Miss Universe contest is not just a beauty pageant. Miss Universe should be someone who can represent the Miss Universe brand in the most comprehensive way. In my opinion, Miss Universe should be a well spoken, independent and outgoing woman; she should be someone other women view as a positive role model. I strive and aspire to have these same qualities.

Physically, how would you rate yourself out of 10 and why?

I wouldn't rate myself.

Do you have a boyfriend?


What do you look for in a man?

He has to have a great personality, be down-to-earth and, of course, he has to make me laugh.

What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

At 19, I hope that I still have many more important life lessons to learn. But so far, my travels in South America have showed me how very lucky I am to be born in a developed country, with a stable upbringing and access to basic rights of equality. I try to never lose sight of this and to use this lesson as motivation to obtain my goals and make the most of my opportunities.

What Irish politician would you most rate?

It's hard to pick one. I think they have all had their high and low points, although recent opinion polls point firmly to the opposition. However, in terms of an Irish representative I admire, Ireland's first woman president, Mary Robinson, managed to transcend all political divides and demonstrated a very strong commitment to key areas of importance, such as human rights issues.

If you could implement one thing in this country to help us out of the recession what would it be?

I don't think it's possible to say one thing can make a difference. I believe it would take numerous efforts among the political and business communities of Ireland to bring about economic change. This new era of transparency, particularly in banking and business, will, I feel, go a long way towards renewing confidence in key Irish business sectors.

What's your ultimate dream?

I don't think it would be realistic to say I have one particular dream, I have many goals I am currently working towards. These focus on college and career aspirations. Ultimately, I would aim to have a successful career where I would be challenged through new and exciting experiences.

Why have you entered this competition?

Well, as you may or may not know, I was in the competition last year, when I came first runner-up. I had such a great experience in Miss Universe Ireland 2009 and, now that I am another year older and wiser, why wouldn't I want to experience it all again?

If you were on a desert island and could bring three items, what would these be and why?

I would bring my phone to call for help and pray that the desert island had good reception. While I was waiting to be rescued, I would need my dog for company and a journal to document my time there.

Are you a good girlfriend?

I would hope so. I always try to be there for my friends when they need me.

Would you consider yourself traditional in any way?

I see myself as having an open-minded character. However, I do respect the values and opinions of traditional thinkers.

If you were to have plastic surgery what would you have done?

I would never get it done. Unfortunately, plastic surgery is a growing industry in Ireland. However, if you ask me this a few years down the line, when I'm a lot older, my answer might change.

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