Sunday 22 April 2018

Marc Jacobs' ambitious beauty line

Marc Jacobs says the team behind his beauty line are "so ambitious".

The celebrated fashion designer has just finished a successful Fashion Week season, with his New York show receiving widespread acclaim.

He is now concentrating on his cosmetics range, Marc Jacobs Beauty, which launches on Thursday in Sephora in France and the Marc by Marc shop in Paris.

"They’re so ambitious about the plans for the expansion and where they’re going to take it. They’re such a great team, the Kendo team [Sephora’s private label operation]," Marc revealed to WWD.

The popular range is already available in North America and the Middle East.

Jessica Lange was recently revealed as the face of the new campaign, as Marc is a huge fan of the 64-year-old actress.

Marc is in Paris ahead of the grand unveiling of the beauty line, and says he and Kendo are already planning for new products to add to the range.

“They basically said, ‘We’ve had this excitement, we’ve had this kind of financial-reward indication of the customer coming back for the product, and indicators have shown that we have already surpassed our initial goals.’

"So they’re very enthusiastic and already thinking — and thinking very big — how to expand [the line] outside the world of Sephora in terms of distribution and how to build the business. It became an in-depth conversation about different very successful cosmetic brands and how big a part the beauty plays in different fashion brands," Marc explained.

While in Paris, Marc will no doubt be attending some of the Fashion Shows that will wrap up the end of the Fall/Winter 14 showcase.

Top of his list is the Miu Miu show next Wednesday, but he warns he won't be gracing the front row of too many presentations.

"I don’t want to be here for a week and hear, like, ‘Oh he was in front row of each show,'" he declared.

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