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The blusher debate - how to find the perfect cream, powder or liquid for you

Max Factor Creme Puff Blusher, €11.49
Topshop Morning Dew blush, €7.20
Stila Convertible Color, €21.50
Inglot Face Blush, €16
Stila Aqua Glow, €24
Rimmel Get Blushed, €6.49
Benefit ChaCha Tint, €34.50
llamasqua Powder Blusher, €25
Blusher brush: The Mac 129sh brush, €29, is the best
Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

With so many options infiltrating makeup counters - how does one find the blusher best suited to them? We asked top makeup artist Sascha Jackson for her insider tips.

Between the constant innovations from the cosmetic world and emerging techniques like 'strobing' and 'baking', it feels increasingly difficult to find practical products that just do what they say on the tin.

Blusher is a fundamental step in day-to-day makeup routines, but we often leave it out for fear of looking like a children's doll, or worse, a circus clown. Irish women, in particular, seem to have a fear of adding colour to the cheeks - but a rosy glow can help our jaded, sun-deprived complexions look healthy and rested.

Broad Strokes: Roz - Foundation: Armani Maestro Compact, €36; Blush: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, €65; Eyeshadow: Aerin Estee Lauder Winter Palette, €56; Princess Palette Shu Uemura, €74; Eyeliner: MAC Black Track, €18.50; Stick on Eyeliner: Lancôme Holiday Collection, Limited Edition, €35; Mascara: MAC Opulash, €18; Lip: YSL Rouge Pro Couture Golden Lustre 108, €31; Nails: Nails inc, Black Taxi, €16.50; Nails inc, South Kensington, €17 Sportmax black dress, €375; Katie Rowland earrings, €580

Here Londoner and makeup maestro Sascha Jackson offers her top tips on finding the right product to add depth, definition and warmth to the face.

1. What ever you are choosing make sure you skin is hydrated as dry and dehydrated skin can look patchy no matter what you apply on it.

2. Powder blusher is probably the most popular as it's super easy, comes in a range of colors and brightens up any look. It is great for all skin types and ages. Use a small powder or blusher brush and with a sweeping motion sweep over the apples of your checks and slightly back up onto the cheek bone. Less is always more so start with a small amount and apply more as necessary.

stila inglot.jpg

3. Cream blusher adds texture to the skin that you wouldn't get from a powder. It's also very easy to use once you know how and instantly brightens skin that may be tired, dehydrated or pale.

4. I use Stila Convertible Color, which was the first cream blush on the market over twenty years ago. You use a simple taping motion with your finger, look into the mirror, smile, and with one finger print of product tap tap it onto the apple of the cheek and then back up onto the cheek bone. Tap more for a deeper color payoff.


5. Water or liquid blushes are a new concept. These lightweight innovations give a sheer wash of color to the cheek and are non-transferable. They give more texture, are buildable and it looks like the colour is coming from within. Simply tap your hand into the net dispenser and pat on the apple of your cheek and allow to dry. This product is perfect when trying to achieve a dewy finish on the skin.

stila aqua glow.jpg
stila 22.jpg
stila 2.jpg

6. If you're not sure which colour to go for, keep this in mind:

Fair skin- petal pinks and light corals

Medium skin- warmer shades if pinks and corals

Dark skin- rosewood pinks or warm honey bronzes

Black skin- bright berries or burnt terracotta tones.

You can follow Sascha Jackson on Twitter @Sascha_StilaPro

(Click through the gallery at the top of the page to see more of our favourite blusher products).

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