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Move over Kylie Jenner, Marilyn Monroe's lip contouring trick is the way forward


Kylie Jenner finally admitted what we suspected all along, that her full lips are the result of a cosmetic procedure. But here's a non-surgical way to enhance your lips' appearance, as pioneered by old school beauty Marilyn Monroe.

The beauty industry has been obsessed with pillow-lip pouts, ever since the likes of Veronica Lake exploded onto the scene in the 1940s.


A decade later, Marilyn Monroe became an international sensation thanks to her revolutionary look.

The bombshell played on her sultry features, and used them to great effect. Here was a woman who knew how to work her best features, and was ahead of the game when it came to using makeup tricks to enhance her beauty.

Some fifty years later, contouring has become the hot trend in beauty, but Monroe was way ahead of the game on this one.

The tragic actress used five  simple steps to achieve her famous scarlet  pout and make her lips appear fuller.


Pucker up and take note - here's how to channel your inner screen icon.

1. Liner

Ensure your lips are smooth and soft (pre-exfoliate with an old dry toothbrush if necessary.) I like to run over the lips lightly with my foundation or concealer brush and then dust with a powder brush so they will hold product better. Now, take a sharpened lip pencil that is darker than the lipstick you will be using and outline the lips with a strong, definite line.

2. Base

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Fill in the lips with a your desired shade of lipstick or another lip pencil that is lighter than the one you used for outline.

3. Blend

Soften the contrast between the two products you have used - you will get the best results by using a lip brush.

4. Highlight

To achieve the appearance of fuller lips, dab on a cream highlighter into the centre of your pout.

5. Finish


Seal in the products by lightly pressing a hydrating lip balm over the above products.

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