Friday 23 February 2018

Lisa Murphy


When I first heard about this idea, I thought, ‘No problem’. I’m actually quite good with my skin regime and peels and so on, so my skin is quite good and I’m happy to show it. Also, when I’m relaxing and just lounging around, I don’t wear make-up.

I can get away with no make-up or just a bit of tinted moisturiser because my skin is good. I like a bit of tinted moisturiser or, because I never tan my face, a bit of moisturising self-tan. But I have good bone structure and high cheekbones, so I can get away with no blusher, and my lips are good, so I can take or leave lipstick.

God, yeah, I’d absolutely go to the supermarket with no make-up.

Most men aren’t bothered about

make-up, but women, on the other hand, are absolutely obsessed with it. In saying that, society places so much emphasis on what women are supposed to look like and we are expected to look more attractive, in general, than men.

I wouldn’t go to an event or to work without make-up It makes you feel stronger and more confident and happy in yourself. I think it adds to a woman’s overall self-confidence.

I would have started wearing make-up in secondary school. My school was mixed, so there was more pressure on girls to be pretty than in an all-girls school.

I try always to do my make-up myself, even if I’m doing shoots. If someone else does it, I’m a bit reluctant. What are they going to do? What if I don’t like it? Would I do it better myself? But over the years, I have learnt a lot of tricks and tips from professionals on shoots.

With social media now, you can Google how to do a smokey eye and do the perfect brows and so on and that’s amazing. Younger women are definitely more skilled than years ago, because they have so much access. Even my five-year-old niece wants to do her make-up when I’m doing mine. It starts early. 

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