Friday 20 April 2018

Five of the best.... red hot lipsticks


Cara Delevingne photographed for the YSL Black Fetish campaign
Ruby Woo, €19, MAC, available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores
Cherry Lush, €45, Tom Ford, Brown Thomas
#1 Kate Moss Collection, €6.99, Rimmel
Red Rhythm, €33, YSL
Rouge Allure in Pirate, €30.50, Chanel
Red Rhythm lipstick, €33, YSL

If you’re looking for a quick-fire way to disguise a pallid or tired complexion, embrace the red lipstick. It instantly injects the face with some life and even if you’re wearing very little make-up, your face still looks dressed.

When applying red lipstick, I suggest that you use a brush. It’s more precise and it will ensure your lipstick lasts longer. Also, post application, I press some translucent powder lightly onto the lips to further bolster its staying power.

In terms of shades, the darker you are, the more shades of red that will suit you. Thankfully, there are some shades of red that look great on all skin and hair tones — namely MAC’s

Ruby Woo and Kate Moss’s #1 by Rimmel.

The blue-based tone through Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush means it complements fair skin.

If you’re a red lippie virgin, or you simply prefer a discreet red for daytime, you won’t go wrong with Chanel’s iconic Pirate shade. It’s more sheer and more subtle than most other reds. A great shade too, if you’ve thin lips.

For an intense red, try YSL’s Red Rhythm.

It’s the shade Cara Delevingne is wearing in the featured photo. And as you can see, her lips take centre stage.


Ruby Woo, €19

MAC, available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores nationwide. 
A cult product for a reason. Yet to hear of a person who hasn't fallen in love with it.

Ruby Woo, €19, MAC, available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores

Cherry Lush, €45

Tom Ford, available in Brown Thomas, Dublin.
Feels nice. Looks nice. And it lasts. Pure luxury for the lips.

Cherry Lush, €45, Tom Ford, Brown Thomas

#1 Kate Moss, €6.99

Rimmel, available in grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide.
Creamy with rich pigmentation. Worth so much more than its modest price suggests.

#1 Kate Moss Collection, €6.99, Rimmel

Rouge Allure rouge allure in Pirate, €30.50

Chanel, available in department stores nationwide.
Largely regarded as the best daytime red around.

Rouge Allure in Pirate, €30.50, Chanel

Red Rhythm, €33

YSL, available from department stores nationwide. Intense, semi-matte red that boasts serious staying power.

Red Rhythm, €33, YSL

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