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Brave beauty blogger gains 4M new fans after revealing she is paralysed from the chest down

Brave Jordan Bone has amassed over 4m views online for sharing something she had previously kept secret from her thousands of online fans.

Jordan(25) shared the video entitled 'My Beautiful Struggle', which revealed that ten years ago she was in a car accident which left her tetrapalegic - paralysed from the chest down.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Jordan revealed that it was thoughtless comments about her hands that spurred her to make the video.

"People would leave comments asking 'why are your hands like that?'".

"I think the people who had been following me for a while did know, but new people who came across my videos wouldn't understand why I hold a brush a different way".

Jordan was in the car accident at age fifteen, leaving her to rediscover parts of her identity.



"When you're a teenager... sometimes girls worry about how they look. You start experimenting with looks and you become who you are going to be. I really enjoy beauty"

"To me, it was part of my identity. I am a girly girl.. I struggled for years with makeup".

"It was really difficult - my arms weren't even strong enough to lift to my head - I haven't got any grip in my hands...  I can't move my fingers".

"At first, I'd get mascara all over me and I would feel really down... I wouldn't  want to leave the house as I didn't feel like me".

"I had to teach myself another way to do it and just practice and practice. Eventually I got a bit stronger".

"I got good enough to feel confident making tutorials. Not to do YouTube just to show other girls in wheelchairs - all girls!"

"I didn't want people to see Jordan in the wheelchair, I wanted them to see me".

Fans have reacted postively to the video, with comments like "beautiful video with such an inspiring message" and "You are truly an inspiration!"

Jordan is a motivational speaker and a road safety campaigner living in Norfolk, England.

"I really want to make a difference. I want to inspire others to achieve things".

"Even though things may seem horrible they can get better".

The video amassed over four million views on Jordan's Facebook page. You can check out more of her on YouTube here.

Tetraplegia, also known as quadriplegia, is paralysis caused by illness or injury that results in the partial or total loss of use of limbs and torso.. The loss is usually sensory and motor, which means that both sensation and control are lost.

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