Monday 19 February 2018

Make-Up Muse: Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson. Photo: Getty Images
Elle Macpherson. Photo: Getty Images
Arch De Triumph by Soap and Glory

Sinead Van Kampen

She may be fast approaching the big 50, but with tumbling locks, lean limbs and a fashion sense that effortlessly mixes classic pieces with seasonal updates, Elle Macpherson is still a serious contender in the style stakes.

For someone famous for having such good bone structure, not to mention 'The Body', stealing Elle's look might seem to be a bit beyond the powers of most of us.

However, if we take the time to scratch below the surface, Elle's look is perfect for creating relaxed, almost effortless styling that seems to make the most of what she has rather than creating a look that is overdone. The real trick is that Elle works with her years, which is something we can all do.

For products in general, hydration is really the place to start and for foundation, finding a base which works with skin and tone rather than camouflaging completely is key. Depending on the coverage you need, getting the balance is always a tight call and Skin by Bobbi Brown might be a good place to start. The end result of Elle's base is dewy and moist rather than matte. For application, finger-blending from the inside of the face toward the edges helps to get the required amount of cover and no more.

She may not be the youngest thing on the catwalk but Elle's skin doesn't show it. For blemishes and under-eye discolouration, erase where you need with dabs of a liquid concealer like MAC's Select Cover Up. The rule of thumb is enough and no more and before you finish the base with some pressed powder, cheeks can be given a natural flush with a swirl of coral blush similar to Benefit's Coralista.

Elle keeps eyes virtually invisible, the lift she gets is down to some clever use of brow pencil and a sweep or two of mascara. Colours and shadow are kept to a minimum and shading is slight and light. For the pencil, Soap & Glory's Arch De Triumph works well for copying this look and Bobbi Brown's Woodrose applied lightly across the eyelid and into the crease is all that's needed for depth and shading.

On the subject of lips, Elle's smile always seems to be naturally pink and perfectly hydrated. For lipstick, try Estee Lauder's Moisture Rich in Lustrous Pink, which helps ensure a similar finish and, as this is a daytime look, leave the liner altogether. If lips still seem a little flat, try a gloss in the shape of Lancome's Juicy Tube in Rio Peach which should be light but not too bright.

Finally, when it comes to getting those famously natural locks, the styling of Miss Macpherson is said to be something of a trade secret.

Having tried heated rollers, blow drying damp hair and God knows what else, we still haven't found the measure. Could it be that in Elle's case nature might still be better than nurture? Soft, light and perfectly weighted. We love this look!

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