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Make-Up Tip: How to apply liquid eyeliner


Library Image. Getty Images

Library Image. Getty Images

Library Image. Getty Images

From vintage flicks to retro-inspired cat eyes, bold liner is ruling the runways this season.

But actually applying a great eyeliner is harder than it might look.

“I think you’re either a liquid eyeliner girl or you’re not,” says Chase Aston, international make-up artist at The Body Shop.

“Eyeliner is the most amazing product, but if you get it wrong it’s a disaster.”

However, there is no denying the allure of the eyeliner.

“One flick of a liquid eyeliner on top of your make-up can take you from angel to devil in one second,” says Aston.

He is more than happy to share his best tips for eyeliner beginners and suggests starting by using an eye shadow brush and an eye shadow to create the shape.

Start at the centre of the eye and draw a line to the outer corner.

“At the end, don’t go down – that’ll make the eye look droopy. And don’t go straight – it’ll make you look sad,” he advices.

Instead, he suggests just pressing the eye shadow brush a bit harder to the lid, then the line will naturally get thicker and also follow the shape of the lash line.

“Anyone can wear liquid eyeliner. If you’re 35 and up, just use a thinner line that is more age-appropriate”, he says.

And don’t worry if at first you don’t succeed. Just dab a cotton bud in water or foundation and sharpen up the shape of your stencil.

“If you’re new at this, then use the same brush to fill in the eye shadow line with liquid eyeliner,” Ashton suggests.

Be sure to look down while you apply so you don’t smudge the liner.

“If you pick a bold colour, don’t play with other colours or shading,” he says. “And keep your lips and cheeks sheer so you don’t look like you’ve played with the make-up box.”

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