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Make-up Muse: Penélope Cruz


Penelope Cruz. Photo: Getty Images

Penelope Cruz. Photo: Getty Images

YSL TOP SECRETS Flash Radiance Skincare Brush

YSL TOP SECRETS Flash Radiance Skincare Brush


Penelope Cruz. Photo: Getty Images

Oscar winning actress Penélope Cruz is famous for that signature sultry look. Her perfect olive complexion, bright almond eyes and perky pout mean Penélope doesn't have to try too hard to wow. For the rest of us there's make-up!

If, unlike Penélope, radiant isn't your natural state, start by faking some glow with an illuminating primer like YSL's Flash Radiance Skincare Brush. Skin tone can then be evened out with a sheer foundation like Nars Sheer Glow and imperfections blotted away with a touch of concealer. Once the base is in place, a little rouge can be added to the apples of cheeks and shine can be kept at bay with a sweep of loose powder along the forehead, nose and chin.

Penélope's look is always serene and her eyes are always the centre point of her look. Keep eye colours natural, earthly and tones soft and compensate any loss of colour with plenty of liner and mascara.

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Start eyes with a good eyeshadow primer like Benefit's Stay Don't Stray and gently work a soft creamy shadow onto the socket and up into the crease of the eye.

Next, take a brown eye pencil and gently work the colour onto the upper lash line before finger smudging for a smoky finish. A deeper brown eyeshadow can then be gently patted over the original colour and again blended toward the crease. Sweep a kohl pencil along the top and bottom lids and join at both the inner and outer corners for a flawless finish. A volumising mascara like MAC's False Lashes Mascara will complete the look.

Penélope keeps lip colour to natural tones which again always helps those eyes become the main event of her look. Glosses in creamy pinks and corals will work well, though if you prefer lipstick, line lips with Bobbi Browns Lip Pencil in Sandwash Tulle and apply a pale pink like Rimmel's Show Off in Shake-Up Pink.

Penélope's famously glossy hair is full of volume and frames her face beautifully. To get a similar classic look, back combing at the root will help to add the oomph and some large rollers wrapped around the ends of hair will add that trademark bounce. Keep a loose curl at the ends and finish with a volumising spritz of Sebastian's Body Double Thick Spray.

Effortless, classic, natural ... does she ever get it wrong?!