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Make-up Muse: Katy Perry


Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry. Photo: Getty Images

Pop princess Katy Perry knows a thing or two when it comes to making a statement on the red carpet. The 26-year-old arrived at the Baftas in a white Giorgio Armani gown complete with wings and a silver bra.

Proving to be the perfect backdrop for larger than life attire, Katy worked a block coloured make-up look to provide the perfect foil for her doe-eyed charms.

When it comes to her look, Katy is far from subtle but the results are always vivid. In truth, working purple and green eye shadows, larger than life lashes and power punk pink lips shouldn't work for anyone but for Katy, no matter what she seems to throw together it always seems to work out. Dresses that light up all by themselves and circus fair carnival mini-dresses may be great for stealing the show, but getting the make-up right to go with such outlandish creations must be a nightmare.

No matter how many flash bulbs seem to be pointing in her direction, Katy's porcelain skin is usually the first thing we notice about her and with the right products stealing her style is as simple as a few brush strokes. Perfectly matte, a foundation like Make Up Forever's Hd Invisible Cover Foundation will reflect light to mask imperfections while a camouflaging concealer will sweep away under eye circles and melt away blemishes. To finish the base, a press of powder and a swirl of light pink blush like Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink Cream Blush will add a touch of life without the shine.

Were it not for the dress and the wings, Katy's green and purple eyes would have been the talking point. Keep shadow in place by working an eyeshadow primer like Benefit's Stay Don't Stray across the lid and into the brow bone before gently dabbing a purple shadow like MAC's Pigment Powder in Violet across the eyelids with a flat eyeshadow brush.

Next, take a softer eyeshadow brush and blend the shadow into the corner and crease of the outer eye corner and smudge for a dusty, smokey finish. For contrast, Katy used an aqua green under her lower lid which provide some real hippie chic contrasts. For a similar shade, try Urban Decay's URB and work it along the bottom lashline dusting away from the eye for a slightly feathery finish.

On the subject of Katy's lashes, we are stumped! Since Katy almost certainly had the benefit of a helping hand, we suggest you do the same in the biggest lashes you can find - for us this meant the Girls Aloud false lashes by Cheryl along the top lashline with a sweep of mascara along the bottom lashes to even things out a little.

With such dramatic eyes and a dramatic outfit, it's no wonder Katy chose to pare the look down a little when it came to her lips. Try a pink gloss like Turkish Delight by NARS which might be somewhere near the mark, and keep things bouncy, wavy and natural on the hair front with a mist of spray like L'Oreal's Elnett Satin Hairspray. Bright, brash, bold and fun, does the quieter half of team Mr and Mrs Brand ever disappoint?