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Make-up Muse: Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria. Photo: Getty Images

Eva Longoria. Photo: Getty Images

Eva Longoria. Photo: Getty Images

Eva Longoria is as glamorous in real life as her alter ego Gabrielle Solice in Desperate Housewives, regularly seen on the red carpet and on the covers of magazines.

Eva's look switches from glamorous day dresses to laid back vests with ease, but she is a creature of habit when it comes to make-up. Rarely straying from her signature look of smokey eyes, nude lips and that perfectly wavy mane, getting Eva's flawless look isn't so difficult.

Begin by working Diorskin Nude foundation lightly onto the face with a brush and set the base with a loose powder. Eva goes for blush over bronze and it works well for her. Use a sweep or two over the apples of cheeks and for extra definition blend along the lines of the cheekbones.

To steal her signature smokey eyes you will need a palette of soft browns and teaks, colour choices which complement Eva's olive skin. Line the upper and lower lids with a kohl like MAC's Teddy, before gently working a soft brown shadow like Estee Lauder's Tempting Mocha Pure Colour across the socket. Some depth can be added by blending darker shades into the crease of the eye to give a final layer for that smokey finish. How you finish the eyes depends on your lashes. If you have the length work in a couple of coats of volumising mascara, but if your lashes are on the thin side, save the trouble and add some flutter with Eylure's excellent false lashes.

Eva's soft natural lips work as the perfect balancing act to those dramatic eyes and huge lashes,. Prep lips with a nude pencil and apply a soft lipstick like Estee Lauder's Pure Color in Nude Peach for a natural finish, and if you need something more pared back, Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss in Crystal Clear will add just the right amount of sheen without overdoing it.

Eva's long, lustrous locks are rarely seen without that trademark shine. We suspect the volume is natural but if you could do with a bit more shine, prepping hair with a conditioning treatment like L'Oreal's Mythic Oil will go a long way to getting a copycat glow. Persistent, practical and positive.

At only be 5ft 2" Eva may have taken a little longer to climb the ladder of stardom, but now she's firmly at the top this Texan beauty walks as tall as anyone in the style stakes. We love her look!