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Thursday 21 November 2019

Karl Lagerfeld releases new 'sophisticated' scents

Karl Lagerfeld has given his new perfumes a "sophisticated twist" so they don't seem old-fashioned.

The designer has come up with new scents for men and women, explaining the male version is the only thing he is wearing at the moment.

The Karl Lagerfeld Parfums were a speedy project, which suited the Chanel star as he knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish.

"I don’t believe in projects that come together too slowly; having too much time is very bad. It’s like cooking: eat it when it’s hot," he told WWD.

"When lavender is too basic, I don’t like it. Especially in the modern world, there has to be a kind of sophistication and not too much of a down-to-earth garden, flowery hothouse mood. That’s from the past. There has to be a sophisticated twist in the perfume; if not, the old ones are better.

“The important thing with a perfume is to be new when it comes out and [then] turn into a classic in your bathroom."

The female perfume has notes of magnolia, lemon, peach, rose and musks and costs between 39 and 89 euros. The men's version features apple, violet leaves, sandalwood and lavender and comes in at between 39 and 72 euros.

The branding for the new range is typical of the designer, with his iconic profile - complete with sunglasses and ponytail - on the bottles' sleeves.

The scent will launch in some countries next week, with a worldwide roll out in place by September.

Perfume isn't the only new project the designer has in the works at the moment. He is also creating the interiors for a 270-room hotel in Macau - although it won't be ready to stay in until 2017.

"I am very happy and proud to work on such a great project," he enthused. "An entire hotel designed by me. It’s the first time for me! I think the idea is great!"

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