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Julia Roberts’ hair tips


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts gets her trademark hairstyle by "mixing up" the way she uses a curling iron.

The 43-year-old actress is renowned for her tumbling tresses, with her relaxed curls being the envy of many as they look so effortless. Her hairstylist Serge Normant has been working with the star for over 18 years, and has revealed the secrets to achieving her look.

“It’s best to wrap one piece one way [around a curling iron] and the next [in the opposite direction]. Mix it up,” he explained.

The stylist added that he usually doesn’t have to do much to get Julia’s hair in order. It is naturally thick and glossy, and she takes very good care of it which helps.

The stylist doesn’t want people to think she only looks so good because she has people primping and styling her, because in reality her hair is just in its natural state when people see her at red-carpet events or promoting movies.

“People got to know her with that big head of hair and beautiful curls. I don’t think I taught her. I think it’s a pretty easy process with her,” he told People.

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