Sunday 22 April 2018

Irish student's expert demo on hiding acne goes viral

An Irish student has become a YouTube sensation by teaching girls how to flawlessly cover up their acne using make-up.

Melanie Murphy (24) has clocked up four million hits and 50,000 subscribers since starting her YouTube channel over 10 months ago.

The final-year DCU student has seen dermatologists for her acne for ten years. And she’s tried “everything from laser to antibiotics to the pill” to cure the skin condition but she always suffered side effects.

Melanie realised that she could perfectly conceal her acne with make-up, and now she’s on a mission to help others with the skin condition.

“My Mam worked for a cosmetic company when I was growing up and this helped me to reach a point where I feel confident using make-up.”

“I used to feel so self-conscious and desperate, but it’s empowering to know that you can alter your day with make-up.”

“I figured out a skin care routine that works for me. And I also had a food intolerance test and since I’ve found out what foods I have an intolerance to, my acne has gone away.”

“My friends didn’t even know [that I had acne]. They were like, how did you make that video? And I took my make-up off in front of them, and they couldn’t believe it.”

Melanie will tell her story on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies tomorrow night. She is also holding talks with RTE in the next few weeks to discuss possible projects for the future.

And YouTube networks, including one that partners with Ellen Degeneres, have also approached Melanie to work with them.

“All of this has literally happened in the last few weeks. And I’m in the middle of my final year of study and I’m not really sleeping at the moment between emails from subscribers and companies. It’s just amazing for something that started out as a hobby.”

“I was having a lot of trouble with presentations and public speaking in college, and I started this to get more used to talking to people in public.”

“I’m very lucky in that I haven’t gotten any negative comments – in general the feedback has been very nice.”

Melanie plans to make videos on health and weight loss over the summer – since she herself successfully lost 50 pounds in the past.

“I want to help people learn about the things that I know about. I’m just going to go with the opportunities. It’s like riding a wave at the moment.”

For more videos from Melanie Murphy click here

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