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“I don’t want to look younger than I am”: super model Christy Turlington is happy in her skin at 45


Christy Turlington is anti anti-aging: the veteran model is adamant that age is not what defines beauty.

The 45-year-old told Elle Magazine,

“Everybody is so anti-ageing, but I don’t want to look younger than I am. Our face is a map of our life; the more that’s there, the better.”

This quote comes just after her latest campaign for Calvin Klein was released- 25 years after she first appeared in the iconic fragrance advertisements and gained worldwide recognition.


The 30 second  video for the Eternity perfume shows Christy and her husband Ed Burns on an empty cove.

The black and white video shows the couple, who have been married for eleven years, as they steal passionate moments on a beach.

Proving why the super models of the 1990s were a different breed- Christy looks sensational in a low-back black swimsuit.

However, it’s not all good genes and luck of the draw- Christy is a global ambassador for Imedeen- anti-ageing pills, whose advertisements were recently pulled in the UK as they were considered misleading.


The clean living and yoga advocate told Harper’s Bazaar,

“Your skin is the biggest organ of your body; in the same what that ‘you are what you eat’, whatever you put into your body is impacted by what you put in it. I used to have a skin care business years ago and have had a lot of education about this – I truly believe in and understand what the right supplements can do.”

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