Saturday 7 December 2019

How to look good nude

Teint D'Ailleurs by Guerlain
Urban Decay Stardust

Sinead Van Kampen

One of the key trends for spring and summer make-up is the nude look.

Shimmery, natural, neutral and distinctly underdone, as looks go, this is pretty easy to get right. The essence of nude make-up is simple, uncomplicated and the very antithesis to spending hours in front of the mirror. For these reasons alone, we love it.

The base for a natural complexion is tinted moisturiser. Fast becoming a favourite at every cosmetics house from Chanel to Bobbi Brown, it's basically every girl's best friend and the key ingredient to getting a natural, healthy looking glow. Begin by ditching the orange or anything that moves too far from your natural skin tone. If you've got a darker complexion, Guerlain's Teint D'Ailleurs will be perfect on its own, or if your skin is on the lighter side, mixing a drop with your usual liquid foundation will make for a great base.

Softening the features is really where the natural look takes its cue and, as the eyes are really the focus of the face, two things are crucial in getting the natural look. Firstly, evening out the skin tone around the eyes will help the whole softly-softly approach and for this Trish McEvoy's Eye Base Essentials will give you the finish you're after. Once you've softened your features a little, work the eyes with shadow that highlights your complexion rather than draws attention to the brows or colour of your eyes. Mac's Phloof or Urban Decay's Space Cowboy both work wonders for this, but anything with a light shimmer should work well. For mascara, Rimmel's Max Volume Lash will help give a defined finish.

Once you've got the base, adding a glow here and there is really where the shimmer comes in. Natural make-up is all about using soft radiant tones so adding a light dusting of Cotton Flower Face Palette by Clarins works well for getting a lift on the cheekbones, especially if you've got fairer skin. He-shi's Fusion Multi Bronzer is great for a darker complexion. Both of these bronzers feature a highlighter which helps lift the cheekbones in a soft, natural way.

Finishing the natural look is simplicity itself. A slick for the lips like Love Gloss by The Body Shop will give you the look for lips but the real beauty of the natural look is in the way it can be moved from day to night. If you're clubbing, you can spike the look with a nu-rave lip gloss and if you need something a bit sultry, Guerlain's Kohl loose powder works the glam factor perfectly - we love nude !

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