Friday 15 November 2019

How to find your perfect perfume


How to find your perfect perfume: A step-by-step guide with Fiona Cooke,

1. Smell lots of scents - don't try to establish what the ingredients are, try to think about what you like.

2. Are you floral, light, romantic and delicate? Try soft, powdery, delicate tones like Gucci Bamboo, Vera Wang Bouquet and Estée Lauder White Linen. Do you want to portray fun, young and playful? Try sweet, juicy, fruity tones like Marc Jacobs Lola and Ghost Girl. Are you an earth mother or hippy chic? Try green, dewy, fresh tones like Balenciaga L'Essence and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. Looking for fresh, uplifting vibes? Try water or ocean-like tones such as Hermès Voyage. If you're after something warm, seductive and confident, try soft woody tones like Dolce & Gabbana The One or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. In the market for sultry and exotic? Try spicy, sexy tones such as Dior's Poison and Lancôme Hypnôse.

3. Be true to YOU - choose something that feels like it really fits you. Don't go by what your friends and family tell you to wear.

4. Visit several perfume counters. Tell them a perfume or a type of smell that you really like, and let them recommend things.

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