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How to ensure your skin stays its best during a long-haul flight


Chrissy Teigen have a glimpse of her in-flight beauty regimen
Chrissy Teigen have a glimpse of her in-flight beauty regimen
Top up on hydration before and during your flight
KISS mask
Eco Tools Sustainable Sleep Mask
This Works
Dublin Herbalists Honey Lip Balm
Bedda & Spell
Nuxe Eastern Pouch Kit
This Works In Transit No Traces 24 Hour Skin Solutions Set
Wander Beauty Take Flight Skin Care Discovery Kit
Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitize
Ruth Griffin

Ruth Griffin

Supermodel Naomi Campbell certainly lived up to her diva status when she posted her aeroplane routine on her YouTube channel. The clip went viral in a jiffy - and for good reason!

It's not every day you see a supermodel slip on a pair of latex gloves, nonchalantly produce her own Dettol wipes from a designer handbag and proceed to enthusiastically scrub the entire area of her first-class plane seat. She also produced her own bespoke hot-pink seat cover and modelled her medical facemask that she swears by when flying, using it to prevent breathing in stale, recycled aeroplane air and airborne germs.

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She maintains that this (pretty intense) in-flight ritual of hers is the reason that she is rarely sick, even though she travels the globe frequently for work.

While this ritual may appear a tad extreme, studies have found that we are in fact 20pc more likely to catch a cold or infection on flights. I am particularly susceptible. Indeed, I rarely return from holidays or trips away without a chest infection of some sort!

Naomi also briefly showed her (massive array) of skincare beauty goodies that she uses while flying, with hydration masks being top of the agenda.

I have a very long-haul flight ahead of me in the next few months - I'm heading to Japan (a place I've long been fascinated with and am beyond excited to be finally seeing!) but being honest, I'm really not looking forward to the flight, so I was keen to learn all the tricks of the jetsetting trade and get my in-flight hygiene and skincare rituals fit for a diva! Read on for some high-flying skincare to help you look supermodel fresh on landing.

Ready, jetset, go!

This entire make-up and skincare line was created with travel and flying in mind. Devised by a jetsetting supermodel and a busy mum of two, Wander Beauty products were made to multi-task. Wander Beauty Take Flight Skin Care Discovery Kit, €42, from

Flying east

This travel kit has the cult classic bestseller Huile Prodigieuse - which can be used on hair, face, body and nails. Gorgeous. Nuxe Eastern Pouch Kit, €23.50, from pharmacies nationwide and

Plane and simple

The founder of this skincare line is ex- Vogue beauty director Kathy Phillips. While travelling all over the world, she saw the need for a skincare line that was streamlined and fuss-free. She created this In Transit line specifically with air travel in mind. A really good-value kit. This Works In Transit No Traces 24 Hour Skin Solutions Set, €24.80, from pharmacies, Harvey Nichols, Boots and

Roll with it

Bedda & Spell

Why do we look so puffy and bloated after flying? Well, in addition to the massive loss of hydration, we also experience a slower metabolic rate during a flight, which can cause poor lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. A facial massage with your hands, or a crystal roller, will help release all that puffiness. Try the gorgeous Beddha & Spell Amethyst Roller and Gua Sha Duo, €96.50 from

Six of the best

Lip service

Dublin Herbalists Honey Lip Balm

Lips can feel dry and parched after even a very short flight. To keep your pout plump and juicy-looking when you land, try this lovely lip balm that is 100pc natural (no camphor or petroleum ingredients, which can dehydrate your lips in the long term). It's a great unisex option too. Dublin Herbalists Honey Lip Balm, €4, from Kilkenny Shop, gift shops, pharmacies and

On hand

Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitize

If the Dettol wipes Naomi Campbell uses are a little too stringent for you, and you fancy ditching the germs in a more natural way, try this certified organic hand sanitiser that kills germs with a simple (natural) formula using organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic lavender oil and organic glycerine. It also smells divine and will help chill out any super-nervy fliers! Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer, €6.99, from pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

Leave no trace

This Works In Transit No Traces 24 Hour Skin Solutions Set

I have been a massive fan of these cleansing pads for years. Yes, wipes have their place but let's be honest, they are pretty stripping and dehydrating on our faces. These pre-soaked pads are drenched in rosewater and water mint to cleanse our skin, and repairing sweet almond oil to stop our faces being leached dry. Frequent flyers Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are huge fans of these little beauts. This Works In Transit No Traces Cleansing Pads, €23, from pharmacies and Harvey Nichols.

Sleeping beauty

Eco Tools Sustainable Sleep Mask

For a good mid-flight snooze, slip on a sleep mask before you catch some Zs. This earth-friendly eye mask is made with rayon from bamboo (a highly sustainable plant.) The natural materials also allow your skin to breathe and will soothe tired, jetlagged eyes, especially on long-haul flights, while blocking out light to help you rest and relax. (Needs to be hand-washed in cold water.) EcoTools Sustainable Sleep Mask, €6.99, from Boots nationwide.

Multi-tasking must-have


If you can't quite get on board with all the high-flying beauty goodies listed here and just want a one-stop-shop in-flight beauty gem, this is your best bet. It can be used as a deeply hydrating balm on skin, lips, nails, eyes, face and body - and is so natural, it can even be used on kids and babies, as it's jam-packed with jojoba, olive, avocado, honey, marula oil and rosehip oil. Trilogy Everything Balm, €17.95, from pharmacies and health stores.

Cheat sheets

KISS mask

In her viral in-flight beauty ritual video, Naomi Campbell says: "When I get on a plane, it's all about hydration - I've got this stuff I do: mask, mask, mask." She's right. Due to cabin pressure and recycled air, hydration is just what our skin needs. These gems are infused with rosehip oil containing essential fatty acids your skin will thank you for. Kiss NY Pro Hydro Gel Rosehip Oil Sheet Mask, €6.95, from pharmacies and Dunnes Stores, and €6.50 from Penneys.

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