Saturday 24 March 2018

How to avoid a fake tan fiasco like Claire Danes

Actress Claire Danes from the Showtime series
Actress Claire Danes from the Showtime series "Homeland" arrives at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards
Actress in a drama series "Homeland" Claire Danes arrives for the 68th Emmy Awards

Meadhbh McGrath

Emmy-nominee Claire Danes may have been hoping for gold on Sunday night, but what she got was a whole lot of bronze. The 'Homeland' star suffered a pretty dodgy beauty fail when she paired her gold Schiaparelli gown with a remarkably tanned face.

"I think she made the classic mistake of getting a one-shade-fits-all spray tan," says Cocoa Brown's Marissa Carter. "If you've got fair hair and fair skin naturally, you should only go one or two shades darker than your skin colour, or else you look ridiculous."

Unfortunately, it seems Danes decided to go full Trump, with an aggressively orange hue that failed to blend with the rest of her body.

Marissa warns that one of the biggest mistakes she sees people make is mismatching their face and body.

Actress in a drama series
Actress in a drama series "Homeland" Claire Danes arrives for the 68th Emmy Awards

"The best thing to do is to get a lighter shade on your face and then use a bb cream instead of a foundation. That way, you'll get a really natural, sun-kissed glow without looking dirty."

She advises that ahead of a major event, go professional rather than DIY, and trial the product and the therapist before your appointment.

"The ideal time to get a spray tan is two days before, because it takes 48 hours for the tan to stop developing," Marissa explains.

Meanwhile fake tan aficionado @Dublin_Girlo says of Claire's glow: "Your tan shouldn't be the same colour as the taco sauce you put on your chicken fillet roll."

Take note girls.

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