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How this beauty queen cured her severe acne with one diet trick


Image: asprinkleofhealthandbeauty/Instagram

Image: asprinkleofhealthandbeauty/Instagram

Image: asprinkleofhealthandbeauty/Instagram

A beauty pageant contestant has taken to Instagram to share the one thing that helped clear up her aggressive acne.

It’s one of the most common skincare problems that people experience but that doesn’t detract from how debilitating acne can be; something that Rachel Crawley knows all too well.

For years, she hid away after being bullied for her severe skin condition and despite being approached to participate in a pageant at age 18, Crawley turned down the opportunity because she felt too insecure.

Fast-forward four years though, and the 22-year-old admin assistant is embracing her breakouts as she documents her skincare journey on Instagram with some seriously dramatic before-and-after photos.

My progress since starting this page no Medication High fat vegan plant based diet (nothing processed) Real whole foods, natural minimal skin care routine People are happy to take strong medication that can lead to bad side effects in are bodies but aren't willing to change there diet which is safe and better for our health. Remember that everyone has there struggles in life. Most of us choose not share them. Most people with acne don't share it because there ashamed but why should we it's only a stage in our life it won't last forever and it certainly doesn't make us any less of a person. Clear skin or acne you are the same person. I get asked how can I be confident when my skin looks like this? The reason I decided to accept myself for how I looked is because for years I suffered with acne and for years I let my mental health take over, ruin relationships, stop me going out ect all because I was insecure and worried about other people's opinions. Because let's be honest acne isn't nice to look at. I knew I couldn't carry on being this hard on myself to the point I would cry and have a lot of built up stress causing headaches. I thought about the days when I used to have no worries when I was younger and here's what I came up with- I wasn't living life trying to impress anyone I wore no makeup so never felt less beautiful I didn't spend my time trying to make myself look perfect I didn't sit at home comparing myself to others on Instagram It's the world we live in today that makes us think like this. I don't want young girls feeling the same way I did. I don't want them to think they have to look a certain way to be accepted or beautiful. They need more role models embracing there real natural selfs because that is real life. I know how hard it can be but please please practice self love and believe in yourself this alone will make you feel better ------------------------------------------------

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Setting up the account to share her battle with acne, Crawley set out to prove that it’s nothing to be ashamed of with a litter of make-up free selfies.

However, in some of her most recent posts Crawley’s skin has significantly cleared up, and for that she credits one simple diet change.

After experimenting with taking certain foods out of her diet, she found that sugar and carbs appeared to be the main culprits for her aggressive bouts of acne.

"Only for about 3 days I have stopped eating these foods and upped my fat intake (healthy fats) and guess what? No new breakouts!" she writes.

"No Medication. High fat vegan plant based diet (nothing processed). Real whole foods, natural minimal skin care routine."

Now that she’s changed to a vegan diet, both Crawley’s skin and her confidence have increased hugely and she is now a finalist in the Miss Preston 2017 pageant.

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