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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Hot stuff: Triona McCarthy's tips on beating the heat

Triona McCarthy: All about staying cool and looking hot
Triona McCarthy: All about staying cool and looking hot
Nicole Richie. Photo: Getty
No7 BB Lips
McLovin Aveda's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil
Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette
Remington Curl Revolution
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer

Triona McCarthy

It's getting hot in here, but our beauty expert knows how to keep your make-up from melting into your mojito

Triona's trends

It's summer time and, let me guess - your make-up is melting? You have eyeshadow in your eyebrows and lipstick that's slipped down your face?

We definitely don't want that!

I'm at home in Schull, as my sis Anna is getting married next weekend, so I'm all about staying cool, but looking hot.

The most important thing to remember is to protect your skin from the sun. Foundation with an SPF is essench, so try bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, €39, a tinted hydrating gel-cream with SPF 30. It's light, yet it has great coverage. Follow it with a light dusting of powder, blush and bronzer.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer, €28, is a super non-greasy base that unifies the colour of the eyelids and also illuminates. Use it alone for a nude look, or under an eyeshadow.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer

Use a waterproof mascara, such as Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara, €26, as waterproof is the only way to go in the heat.

For summer lips, just dab a little No7 BB Lips, €11, with SPF 15, which looks and feels gorgeous on the lips. I'm also wearing it in my photo.

No7 BB Lips

Finally, carry some blotting papers, like Shiseido Pureness Blotting Oil Control Papers, €26, for touch-ups on the go.

Top tip: Keep your make-up in the fridge in summer and use brushes, not your fingers!

Triona's trick

Here's an, em, cold wives' tale! If you're at something and it's too damn hot and you need to cool down really fast, run your wrists under a cold tap or wrap your wrists around a cold drink to chill out.

Blood runs closest to the thin skin on your wrists, so the cooled blood then travels around your body.


It's a curl thing

Remember last year how I went absolutely gaga for the BaByliss Curl Secret? It was, and still is such a great gadget, but at €159, it's a little bit spendy compared to the new Remington Curl Revolution, €69.99, which is available from Harvey Norman. This gaget does basically the same job as the BaByliss, but for half the price.

Remington Curl Revolution

This pink slender tool is so simple to use, curling hair perfectly for that Victoria's Secret Angels' hair look that we all love - it looks so effortless, but can be so hard to achieve.

The Curl Secret also rotates in different directions to create both curl angles. So you can curl your hair in different directions for a more natural look, or curl it in the same direction for a more polished look.

There's a digital temperature display, with five heat settings, a temperature-boost function for thicker hair or for doing larger hair sections, plus a temperature lock to safeguard your chosen setting.

Now there's no excuse for not having fab-looking hair.

Sugar high

Just like Nicole Richie, I am in need of a daily caffeine hit. In the same way that I will pick a Butlers Cafe to get that fix over other places because I get a free chocolate, I choose Brown Sugar for my blow dry because they have the best mini chocolate muffins with their coffee.

That, and the fact that they are only fabilis at what they do, and are the recent winners of the coveted L'Oreal Colour Trophy award.

Brown Sugar, 50, Sth William St, D2; 36 Main St, Blackrock, or see

Triona's most wanted

I might paint my nails every colour under the sun, but green fingers I definitely do not have, so I can't believe I actually went along to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London this summer and loved it!

Anyhoo, the L'Occitane garden, by award-winning garden designer, James Basson, blew my mind - the way it brought to life the sights and scents of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

So my love for L'Occitane has been reignited, with their Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette, €49, my scent of the summer.

Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette

It's what I call a happy scent. One that instantly uplifts me, refreshes me and my mind and entices my senses with promises of bright, sunny carefree days.

Even if you have to spend the summer in the city, you can smell like you've been to the Mediterranean with this perfume.

The Citrus Verbena collection offers a full range of products, but it's the shower gel, €17.50, that really gets me going in the morning.

The happy lemon scent makes it easy to remember that when life gives you lemons, it isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Cult product

Growing up in west Cork, I spent my summer days on Barleycove beach.

Now, my babies Maxi and Mini are learning how to swim here.

As well as wearing SPF on our skin, I'm McLovin Aveda's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, €28.50.

This spray protects our hair from salt and chlorine damage, and because it's waterproof, we don't have to reapply every time we go for a dip.

McLovin Aveda's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

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