Thursday 24 October 2019

Here’s what you need to know about henna tattoos - the beauty trend of the summer

Freya Drohan

Popping up everywhere from festivals to fashion shows, intricate henna tattoos have become the surprise beauty phenomenon of the season amongst young Irish women.

We caught up with henna artist Dee to talk about how the trend came about and what we need to know.

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The creative 19-year-old has been living in Ireland for 10 years, since moving here with her family from the Philippines.

With an eye for detail and a passion for beauty, Dee only got into henna in the last year or so when she noticed it in images and videos online and on social media.

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“It started off as just something I was curious about last summer. Long before henna became the the latest trend in the Dublin street style scene, I noticed international Youtube vloggers sporting the look at different summer festivals,” she says.

“I just thought it looked really cool and interesting and different to what we're used to seeing around here. So I went out and got myself henna and tried it out on myself.”

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“After uploading pictures of it online my friends took interest in being my ‘henna hand models’, so then it became a hobby. A while later, it became a little freelancing business.”

Henna is a dye that derives from the henna leaves. The dried leaves are usually mashed into a paste or liquid along with other mixing agents such as water or tea, and are applied to the skin in the form of patterns. Other mediums such as sugar or essential oils may also be added too.

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Historically, henna was used to decorate young women’s bodies to coincide with celebrations, marriages or religious events. These adornments were synonymous with beauty, joy, luck and fertility and were most often seen on the feet, hands and arms.

Dee maintains that her favourite thing about working with henna is putting a smile on a client’s face after creating a bespoke work of art for their skin.

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“Just as getting your hair or make-up done can make you feel beautiful, so do henna tattoos. Not only do I love the look of henna on skin but I also really love the process of doing it,” she says.

Dee favours traditional Indian bridal patterns and really detailed and intricate designs. Her work can be seen on her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ‘In The Deetales’ and YouTube channel. She can also be found as the resident henna artist at new Dublin beauty boutique Babooshka.

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“I'm largely inspired by those that are rightly fashion-forward who are making it big in the blogging industry. These "Internet idols" have turned out to be a major inspiration for me to aspire and work to become successful in my own little empire that I'm trying to build. As they say, 'inspire to be inspired!'"

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