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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Have lip fillers had their day? 'Surge in requests' for Irish women inspired by Love Island

"Since the show has aired we have easily seen an increase of 75% in enquiries about injectable treatments."

Kylie Jenner is credited with starting the current full-lips craze
Kylie Jenner is credited with starting the current full-lips craze
Kylie Jenner is credited with starting the current full-lips craze
Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

Love Island is an easy target: not only has it been blamed as the downfall of intellectual society, but its effect on viewers' self esteem - particularly women - has been noted time and again.

In the UK, petitions have been launched to ban ads for plastic surgery clinics strategically targeting customers during a break from watching perfectly sculpted men and women in a never-ending parade of swimwear.

In Ireland, on the other hand, there are no notable advertisements, but viewers have still been influenced by the images put forward for 60 minutes every night over the summer - so much so, that requests for injectables have skyrocketed - especially since Megan Barton Hanson entered the villa.

As old photos of the blonde bombshell began to emerge, it became clear that Megan had some surgical assistance to achieve her current look.

According to Dr Paul Reddy, medical director at Therapie Clinic, the company have seen a 75pc increase in enquiries since the show first aired.

"We’ve seen a spike in enquiries for fillers and Botox over the past few weeks, our bookings have been rapidly filling up. There has been a lot of speculation around the cast of Love Island and if they have or have not had fillers or Botox," he told Style.

"Since Megan entered the villa, we’ve had countless clients ask for lip fillers to get a similar look. We’ve had many asking about Botox safety with upcoming holidays mentioning the show’s cast and how they would like to see similar results.

"Since the show has aired we have easily seen an increase of 75% in enquiries about injectable treatments."

New research carried out by the clinic by MRNI research showed that 69pc of Irish people already have or would consider getting Botox or fillers.

For those who have never had either treatment, 57pc said they would consider it in the future, compared to 47pc in 2015.

Similarly, the world's most famous filler aficionado Kylie Jenner reignited the debate when she recently announced that she had hers removed in favour of a more natural look.

After making millions off her most famous feature, the 21-year-old decided they had their day. But with the young entrepreneur denouncing the beauty treatment, will companies see a decline in requests for fillers?

Don't hold your breath just yet.

Therapie's commercial director Deirdre O'Dowd said there's an established demand in Ireland for fillers in the Instagram age.

"There's a huge retention rate for fillers, people come back and say 'I felt great' and they do it again and again," she said.

"Having fillers removed is a very drastic step to take. It does naturally dissolve over time, between six and nine months. It’s a very instant thing for her to do," she said.

For some clinics, the natural look is still the most preferred look among their clients.

"I train a lot in the UK and definitely over there, you can see people are more open to different treatments, whereas we're still a bit sceptical here," Gihovana Ponce, an aesthetic nurse at Vista Clinic in Blackrock, Co Dublin told Style.

"I have clients from all over the world, and people from other parts of Europe tend to want more challenging changes. Irish girls are typically more careful going ahead with their treatments and bit more conservative."

Gihovana said that social media still has a huge impact on the looks their clients want to achieve, with many people bringing photos in of their favourite celebrities.

"Some people have expectations, they bring in pictures of what they want to look like- but everyone is different, nobody's lips are the same," she explained.

"Some girls are very conscious about their lips so in this case lip fillers are a great option if it helps them feel more confident, but social media has had a huge impact."

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