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Washing your hair with coffee is now a thing


Woman drinking coffee

Woman drinking coffee

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Woman drinking coffee

The newest hair trend is here - washing your hair in coffee grinds.

Organic shampoo company O'right have just launched their newest revolutionary range of haircare, including the Recoffee shampoo bottles, which features coffee grinds as its main ingredient.

The grinds are collected at cafés around Taiwan and each bottle contains roughly 16 cups of coffee.

"The freshly picked coffee beans are then washed, dried, hulled and roasted, at which point they start to give off that amazing aroma," the brand says. "The roasted beans have to be then further ground and brewed before they can be made into a cup of tasty coffee.

"Incredibly a medium sized Starbucks coffee produces about 20 grams of coffee grounds every day, this means that around the world an enormous amount of coffee grounds, 22,000,000 kg are produced and discarded every single day.

"Discarded, but for us at least, not forgotten, we have found that there is another, amazing, use for all these grounds."


Coffee is said to boost hair growth by blocking the growth of DHT, a chemical which damages follicles.

But the recycling doesn't stop there. You can plant the bottles in your garden which will grow into coffee trees. And so the circle of life is complete.

The new range is available Harvey Nichols or o-right.co.uk.

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