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VIDEO: Hair fit for a Queen - Get Kate Middleton’s bouncy blow dry at home

Kate Middleton's most famous feature is her beautiful glossy mane. We got the low down from Tracey at Instyler Ireland at how to achieve the look at home.

If you take a scroll through your Instagram or Twitter feed, you’re bound to see some reference to the InStyler - the most talked about hair styling tool in Ireland this year.

With fans including Madeline Mulqueen, Roz Purcell, Thalia Heffernan, Sarah Morrissey, and a whole host of beauty bloggers heralding it a “blow dry in a box”, Independent Style had to see for ourselves what all the hype was about.

Kate Middleton has long been our guiding hair inspiration in the office - so we pitted the InStyler to the test, is it possible to achieve the Duchess’ coveted mane from the comfort of your own home.

Tracey Grimes from InStyler Ireland proved that with the right technique, we could all be royally set for the weekend.

The InStyler is available from selected distributors and from www.instyler.ie for €120.

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