Tuesday 22 October 2019

Ruth Griffin's Beauty hot 100

In week four of Ruth Griffin's definitive list of the 100 make-up and skincare products that are a cut above the rest, Weekend's beauty guru singles out the best in haircare for fabulous tresses

Ruth Griffin wears dress, €349, Joseph Ribkoff at Arnotts. Photography: Táine King. Make-up: Tee Elliott. Hair: Norma-Jean O'Reilly at Brown Sugar, brownsugar.ie. Styling: Sophie Donaldson.
Ruth Griffin wears dress, €349, Joseph Ribkoff at Arnotts. Photography: Táine King. Make-up: Tee Elliott. Hair: Norma-Jean O'Reilly at Brown Sugar, brownsugar.ie. Styling: Sophie Donaldson.

Welcome back to my Beauty Hot 100! Over the past few weeks, I've shared with you my pick of the top products for creating a beautiful base, gorgeous lips and arresting eyes. Today, in week four of the series, I'm adding my choice of the very best haircare products to the Hot 100 register.

They say that our hair is our crowning glory, and so I've listed - in no particular order - 20 of my top picks to ensure your manes are as lustrous as any crown fit for a queen. From brushes to masks and conditioners to treatments, I've roadtested hundreds of products, and on these pages you will find some of the most gorgeous goodies for creating shiny, healthy hair.

Of course, using the right products is only one element of a good haircare regimen. Some of the best haircare tips I've picked up over the years - especially when I was modelling and my hair was put through a lot - are the simplest and they are free. Top tips include brushing your hair when it's dry before shampooing to reduce breakage; using warm but not hot water when washing hair to reduce damage; a cold rinse to the hair after conditioning; using boar bristle brushes to eliminate hair snapping; using a silk pillowcase to stop the frizz; and, most simply of all, washing my hair less and using a sulphate-free shampoo.

Read on for my beautiful barnet product picks!

Steam straightener

If you love a mirror-like shine and a glassy, glossy straight do, you have to check out the L'Oreal Steam Pod, €199. This dinky hair straightener gets your hair Kim K glossy-straight by pushing a continuous flow of high-pressure steam onto the hair strand (rather than just high-temperature metal plates). I find it less damaging to the hair than normal hair straighteners and my hairstyle lasts a day or two longer. Available from Peter Mark salons nationwide and millies.ie. (If you fancy giving this tool a trial-run before purchasing, Peter Mark salons will use the steam pod at the end of your blowdry if you request it.)

Easy curler

Brand new from ghd is the Oracle - their new curling irons. This is a fool-proof way to curl and wave your hair at home, with zero technique or skill required. If you love a curly blowdry but have zero hair skills, this will be right up your alley. To use, you just place the ghd Oracle horizontally on the hair, turn your hand 90 degrees, glide in one stroke all the way to the ends of your hair, and that's it! No twirling or turning or technique required. (Tip: the slower you move the irons down your hair, the bouncier the curls. The faster you move it, the looser the waves.) So handy! ghd Oracle, €199, from Peter Mark salons nationwide.

Hot hair dryer

A good hair dryer needs high voltage to be really effective, and with the Lanaiblo Dryer, €99.99 you get 2,400 watts. Basically, you're getting a pro-level hairdryer at home. It also means faster hair styling and with its ionic technology, this dryer also gives you anti-static power - meaning that the cuticle of your hair becomes flatter, giving you a super-smooth finish, fast) From lanaiblo.com and selected salons.

Dry conditioner 

This is the lesser-known sister to the well-loved dry shampoo. If your hair is looking thirsty, frizzy or brittle, a dry conditioner will give it back some lustre, life and TLC. Perfect for fine, thin or oily hair. My top pick is Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner, €33. This is a plant-based dry spray that is jam-packed with jojoba and sunflower oils. Smells divine, too! From Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Debenhams and Aveda hair salons nationwide.

Gentle paddle brush

Is it worth investing in a high-quality (read: expensive) hairbrush? Yes - a high-quality brush will cause so much less damage and protect your scalp. We can lose a lot of hair by our strands getting tangled in broken and rough nibs. The secret is to use an everyday brush that covers a large area at once and has strong but smooth nibs. My absolute favourite brush is the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush, €27, from Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Debenhams and Aveda hair salons.

Styling brushes

Just like everyday brushes, in the long-run it is so worth it to invest in high-quality styling brushes that don't damage, pull or tear at hair. My go-to styling brushes are the Ibiza range, made from boar bristles that style really well but don't damage your hair. The B Series, from €39, is great for fine and damaged hair, but my favourite is the H Series, from €26, designed for coarse, frizzy hair with reinforced boar bristles. From shampoo.ie and Ciaran Nevin Salon, ciarannevin.ie

Dry shampoo

This little gem can throw a time-starved woman a beauty lifeline on rushed mornings! The best dry shampoo I've tried - the least damaging and irritating to my hair and scalp - is Warrior Botanicals Powder Shampoo, €16.50. This 100pc natural, organic, vegan and talc-free powder shampoo comes in two different types: Chamomile Powder Shampoo for lighter hair shades, and Cocoa Powder Shampoo for dark shades. From heath food stores nationwide and skinfullaffairs.ie.

Budget gems

Wow! The & other stories LA Hair Care line absolutely punches above its beauty weight. From only €9 you can choose hair treatments, masks, styling goodies and shampoos and conditioners from its three lines (Restore, Fullness and Universal) that are seriously good value for the quality you get. My favourite is the Volume Powder, €9 - it is amazing for added oomph and fullness to the hair without the need to backcomb. From & other stories stores and stories.com

Grey/white colour saviour

If your hair is going grey or white and you want to get rid of the yellow tinge that can sometimes come with it, invest in a shampoo that will eliminate the yellow tones by using a specialised violet-toned formula. One of the best sellers is White Hot Brilliant Haircare for Grey Hair, €15, from Boots and pharmacies nationwide. This only needs to be used once or twice a week.

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