Friday 26 April 2019

How we approach our haircare routine is changing - here's why

Portrait of blonde woman holding hair over face
Portrait of blonde woman holding hair over face
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Our hair really is our crowning glory.

You can never know too much these days - we want it from our news and we want it for our hair. One of the world's leading haircare brands Viviscal, which stimulates natural hair growth, has published a new report The Future of Healthy Hair, citing experts from around the UK to analyse our behaviour. We went to London for an exclusive presentation at the fve star ME Hotel with a panel discussion including dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall, hair stylist Neil Moodie and colourist Samantha Cusick. So what did we learn?

1. It's all about healthy habits.

Strong hair is just another way of showing how healthy were are – and how many of us enjoy being asked what our secret is to that je ne sais quoi in our beauty regime. We all want to know the secrets to Millie Mackintosh’s natural glow or Kate Middleton’s luscious lucks and I don't believe you if you say you don't. Dr. Hextall said Instagram culture is influencing young people's behaviour when it comes to their appearance, with many embarking on unnecessarily complicated skincare regimes when a healthy diet and regular exercise is all most people need to look your best from the inside out.

2. Social media is a blessing and a curse.

We’re in the midst of an exciting time in our beauty regimens – thanks to various social media channels (but mostly Instagram), we have endless access to inspiration or a "real life lookbook" as Samantha says. We're part of a more transparent beauty culture, which is juxtaposed with the impossible standards of perfection. Women are talking more about their strengths and struggles, in particular with hair thinning or loss - an open dialogue is always a good thing.

3. Women are going longer.

For the first time, women are braving wearing their hair styled longer later into their lives. Gone are the days of an above-the-shoulders haircut for women "of a certain age": there’s a new generation of women who are finding empowerment through knowledge. Much like facials have become a regular part of your skincare upkeep for some, some are ensuring regular visits to the hairdresser and staying on top of trends is part of their regular behaviour for their hair.

4. Stay woke.

The report highlights the ‘conscious consumerism’ which influences shoppers’ behaviour: high street brands have environmentally friendly collections, cruelty free products are more in-demand than ever and knowing your ingredients is essential for the modern shopper.

5. Men are making their voices heard.

The focus has shifted from the traditional short, back and sides, according to Moodie. "Even facial hair is tailored now," stylist Neil Moodie says. "There is an increasing acceptance of the emotional impact of hair loss. Men are extremely susceptible to anxiety about their hair," the report determines.

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