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'Growing trend' - larger fake tanning mitt for men launched by Irish company


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A leading Irish beauty company has said that they are listening to their customers and bringing out a new fake tanning mitt for men.

Men can now enjoy a bronzed glow without running the risk of dreaded orange fake tan streaks on their hands thanks to the new applicator.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter proudly announced their new Man Mitt today.

They boast that the velvet finish will ensure your colour is streak free and the mitt has a waterproof lining to avoid leaks, it comes in a larger size than previous versions.

Speaking about the Man Mitt, Marissa Carter says: "In answer to the growing trend of customers asking for a bigger tanning mitt, Cocoa Brown has launched the Man Mitt!

"Now larger in size this is the ultimate Cocoa Brown accessory!"

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