Sunday 25 February 2018

Freshen up in a flash after awkward workout flushes

Batise dry shampoo is a cult classic
Batise dry shampoo is a cult classic
A hint of grapefruit in this showergel is just what you need to perk yourself up.
A few drops of this light gel-like serum underneath moisturiser gives a real boost to dehydrated skin
Your skin will thank you for using this 3 in 1 cleanser over wipes
This cream calms and soothes, helping to minimise redness and splotchiness
Elemis - a very well-balanced offering, it's a good base for make-up.
Soap and Glory Sit Tight promises to get to work improving elasticity while you rest.
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

If you're particularly time-strapped one day, these products will help you feel shower fresh.

I caught sight of myself at the end of a boxercise class yesterday. It wasn't pretty. My face resembled a particularly ripe tomato, the hair scraped back off my face, with a few tendrils falling out of my ponytail, was greasy, and the overall impression was sweaty and a bit breathless.

There's nothing unusual about this, it was a normal day at the gym. A red face is the body's way of removing excess heat during exercise, so once I had cooled down, I was fine. Thankfully, I had plenty of time to transform myself.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, €2.49 (available from Aldi)

After a blow-out weekend, sometimes there's only one penance that'll make a girl feel better, and that's a high-intensity cardio workout. Unfortunately, what's good for your body (the joy of getting rid of all those toxins) can have the opposite effect on your hair. That's where this cult classic comes in. Nicely lightweight, so it won't make hair feel heavy, just fresh. Be sure to rub it in well to get rid of any white powdery residue though. Particularly good on oilier roots.

Roger & Gallet Citron Shower Gel, €13.75

Tired? Then a hint of grapefruit is just what you need to perk yourself up. This creamy shower gel lathers up really well, leaves skin feeling velvety soft, and the scent is as revitalising as required. A real treat.

Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum, €25

Soothing and smoothing, a few drops of this light gel-like serum underneath moisturiser gives a real boost to dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling oh-so-soft. It's a real treat for skin that's been braving the elements for an outdoor workout. Although it isn't a primer, it does seem to help foundation work its magic. The paraben-free formulation caters for sensitive types.

Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Step Cleanser, €14.75

Instead of opting for the obvious, and removing your make-up with wipes, your complexion will thank you if you clean it with this three-in-one creamy cleansing milk, toner, and eye-make remover (before and after your workout). Massage lightly into skin and wipe away with cotton wool. The result is a cool and calm complexion.

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick, €22

So you've rushed through your workout, didn't really cool down (a hot shower will have that effect), and now you're racing to get out of the gym but still feeling hot and bothered? It's not exactly a great look. But this provides sufficiently opaque coverage to hide your blushes. And it lasts and lasts, just make sure to use it where you really need it, and give it a minute or two to set before putting on foundation.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, €105

Cyclist Victoria Pendleton admits that training can take a toll on her skin, so she includes this in her training kit. The rich moisturiser has a surprisingly light texture that feels velvety when absorbed and puts up a strong fight against flakiness.

A very well-balanced offering, it's a good base for make-up. And it double-jobs (which is a definite bonus, considering its hefty price tag), giving mature skins a real boost if applied at night.

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream, €52

It's all very well looking flushed in the middle or just after a workout, it's not so great when the colour persists. This cream calms and soothes, helping to minimise redness and splotchiness, and future flare-ups. It can feel a little heavy on skin, but it is very nourishing.

VOYA Ritzy Spritzy Beauty Mist, €26

Packed with organic seaweeds, which are supercharged with vitamins and minerals, this is brilliant for refreshing and revitalising parched skin and tightening pores. It even works over make-up if you're feeling particularly dehydrated.

Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super Intense XS Body Firming Serum, €19.31

You've pushed yourself throughout your workout, so you might as well keep up the good work afterwards. And that's where this handy number comes in. A common-or-garden body lotion is all very well for leaving skin feeling smooth and supple, but this one has a little bit more get up and go in it.

Well, sort of ... as its name suggests, it promises to get to work improving elasticity while you rest. It heats up and slowly stimulates circulation, while the massage effect, courtesy of its quirky rollerball applicator, is pretty stimulating too, thanks to a mix of caffeine and sandalwood seed. After a few weeks, the result should be firmer skin with less of that dreaded dimply appearance.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, €25

A good workout may be great for your mental state but can result in limp, lifeless locks. For those days when you don't have time to wash and go, make sure to pop this little bottle into your gym bag. Go easy on it though, unless you actually want greasy roots, and make sure you don't get any water near it.

Otherwise it's an expensive investment down the drain. But do it right – do not shake the bottle, instead, shake your hair after you've applied it – and the result is great volume. But be warned, the nicely textured finish is a very definite matte one, rather than the glossy variety. Very good on fine locks.

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