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Thursday 22 March 2018

Four of the Best: Eyebrow pencils

Arch De Triumph by Soap and Glory
Arch De Triumph by Soap and Glory
Benefits Instant Brow Pencil

Sinead Van Kampen

Lifting, shaping, defining or even hiding the indignities of too much plucking - a good eyebrow pencil can be all things to all women. This week, in an effort to tame our unruly brows, we at Independent Woman have gone back to basics and cocked a raised brow to the humble pencil.

Here are our four favourites:

Arch De Triumph by Soap and Glory

Ladies looking for a helping hand when it comes to perfecting the perfect arch need look no further than Soap and Glory's Arch De Triumph. Cleverly packaged with a step by step guide, this shaping and highlighting crayon is the ideal package for creating perfectly preened brows in just a few simple strokes .

Available from Boots, priced at €11.25.

Benefits Instant Brow Pencil

If you're the sort of gal who shuns pencils in favor of powders you may wish to make friends with Benefits Instant Brow Pencil. This fine, powdery pencil gives brows the soft finish you come to expect from a powder, but gives all the precision of using a pencil. Striking the balance between blending and smoothing, this perfect multi-tasker also comes equipped with a spoolie to smooth those unruly brows back into shape.

Available from Benefit, priced at €21.00.

Estee Lauder Automatic Brow pencil Duo

Bare brows looking to bulk up should find some natural filler in Estee Lauder Automatic Brow pencil Duo. The feather light formula gives brows a natural finish and with five shades in the range including blonde and auburn matching your cuffs to your collar shouldn't be a problem. Designed to smooth as well as shade, the double sided pencil means that those brows can be brushed before the gaps are filled.

Available from Estee Lauder, priced at €24.50.

Impeccable Brow Pencil by MAC

When it comes to filling in the gaps blondes are finally on a level playing field with the Impeccable Brow Pencil from Mac. Blonde brows are the trickiest colour to match, so all credit to MAC's range which has both blonde and dirty blonde to choose from. Long lasting, super defining and creamy in colour and formula, it's enough to make you dizzy!

Available from Mac, priced at €16.50.

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