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Footcare: Put your best feet forward


Beauty should be top to toe, not top to ankle. How are you going to strut around in those gorgeous new heels if your feet are cracked and full of hard skin?

If, like many people, the thought of a pedicurist touching your feet makes you flinch in disgust, you're not alone. So many people don't want anyone to go near their feet.

As a result, and because people are being more economical, home pedicures and home foot treatments are becoming really popular.

Everyone bares their feet at some point, and while they'll never be the most attractive part of your body, there are things you can do to improve the situation.

Follow these steps and next time you reveal your feet, you needn't be self-conscious.

Step one

Clean feet are happy feet

JML recently released a product that you don't necessarily need, but you just know you want. It's a car wash for your feet.

These are little pads you stick to the bottom of your shower or bath -- they let you clean your feet without having to bend, stretch and risk slipping.

Just pop your foot in and you can easily clean between toes and your soles.

Simply pour in a little shower gel.

Shower Feet, €11.99, www.JML


Step two

Smooth your sole

If you haven't already got a Ped Egg, it is a worthwhile investment -- and at ¤12 it's not much of an investment at all.

The little egg-shaped foot file gently removes calluses, corns and hard, dry skin to reveal baby-soft heels and toes, and you collect shavings (yuk) in a pod, so it doesn't leave a mess.

The oval shape means it's easy to use and it's so low impact that you don't have to worry about your softer skin getting injured.

Ped Egg, ¤11.99, www.JMLdirect.com and Boots.

Step three

Moisturise and peel

If you're easily disgusted by feet and peeling skin, you might want to skip this bit.

But, if you think you'd like to witness the tough, dry layer of skin on your feet peel clean off in a few days, you need to get your hands on 1000 Hour Softsole.

You put your foot in a moisturising sock, sit for two hours in front of the TV (excellent excuse) and, after about a day or two as the enzymes start to work, your hard skin and calluses will start to peel away, revealing silky soft and smooth feet.

1000 Hour Softsole, €19.95, selected pharmacies nationwide.

Step four

Maintain the softness

The Body Shop has a delicious-smelling, gel-based scrub that uses exfoliating volcanic rock to scrape off rough, callused foot skin.

If you can't do a big treatment like the Softsole, just keep the hard skin at bay with a scrub like this one.

It moisturises, it's suitable for all skin types and it smells like peppermint.

You can't go wrong.

Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub, ¤11.95, The Body Shop stores nationwide.

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