Thursday 22 February 2018

Festival beauty guide

Marks & Spenser insect repellent.
Marks & Spenser insect repellent.
Yes To Carrots body mist.
Saving Face tinted moisturiser with 50SPF.
Have a festival wash with a solar shower.

Sinead Van Kampen

The very best Irish festivals are only weeks away, so we thought we should bring you some tried and tested beauty products for mitigating the harsher effects of too much drink and three days without sleep .

Head and Shoulders

In the event you're partial to a bit of crowd surfing beware of bearing too much to the unsuspecting public. Yes, being carried on a certain someone's muscular shoulders is great for the view of your favourite band, but showing too much hair as the arms go skywards is just soooo Woodstock ! Waxperts in Dun Laoghaire are currently offering a bikini line, half leg and under arm for €55 !

No need for tantrums

If you're the sort that can't be seen dead without the slap a tinted mosturiser like Hissyfit's saving face could well come in handy. Complete with a whopping factor 50 SPF Hissy Fit is small enough for the rucksack and evens out the complexion a treat. Priced at €29.95 and available from independent pharmacies nationwide.

Get some beauty sleep

Banish the nocturnal ramblings of noisy neighbours and ensure you get your eight hours with a set of Boots Muffles Wax Earplugs. Not getting your full quota of Z's won't cause too much trouble for the first night, but two evenings with a snoring partner and 4am renditions of Wonderwall by Oasis from the tent next door is enough to to sour even the hardiest complexions. Available from Boots, priced at €3.29.

Scrub Up

Any festival worth it's salt is helping the environment these days, but what are you doing in return ? No, we're not talking Moon-cups or biodegradable knickers here - just the simple act of having a wash. If a hair filled portable toilet isn't your idea of sanitation then the Solar Shower from Argos might just get the job done. Help your fellow festies along by smelling as clean as a whistle for a measly €21.99. Complete with hooks and a shower head, the solar powered shower can be used at a location of your convenience - just don't forget the Bikini !

Grow your own

Still on the subject of smelling sweetly might we suggest Yes To Carrots Body Mist. Dead Sea water, carrot seed and pomegranate combine to create a sweet smelling mist which will help along the atmosphere in any dance tent. The Body Mist also comes in a perfectly sturdy plastic bottle which should minimise the risks of rucksack leakage. €7.95, available from pharmacies nationwide.

Beware the bites

Its not just the menfolk who have designs on your skin - our hungry winged friends are busy as well. Your tent can quickly become a mosquito restaurant and a few midges can mire even the wildest party. Marks and Spencer have an excellent travel pack available containing not just insect repellent and killer spray but also a wonderful soothing balm for the one mosquito you're just bound to miss. Open tent, spray, close tent, simple. Not bad for €9.96.

Dry Shampoo

The great thing about festivals is that a girl can get along without having too much by way of luggage. You can cadge a rasher or blag a beer but if there is one thing no one will ever give away it's handful of dry-shampoo. Yes, we know you can use porridge but if your serious about sorting out those matted Sunday locks then the best you can do is Balsti. At €3.19 it's both purse and rucksack friendly although you'll have to be quick, stocks tend to dwindle as the festivals approach.

Going anywhere this weekend ?

If you threw a Friday sicky to get away over the festival weekend nothing will give the game away quicker than red raw eyes on a Tuesday morning. A lack of sleep, a day in a beer tent and your weekends activities will be obvious to colleagues far and wide. Not being discovered for your sins is a must so mask those dark circles with a caffeine concealer from Garnier. A roll-on-ball, it will instantly awaken tired eyes and mask the deathly pallor that skin can suffer from when you've been out in the fun for too long.

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